Dalelands, Session 28

The dryad reveal that the potion they had been making was to boost divine power. Sadly her sister had drunk too much to turn into a rat beast to fight the otyughs, and the power overwhelmed her so she perished in the fight. Lyra is not that distraught however since this is the way of nature after all.

Also Thana now wears a chainmail of drow make according to Lyra though its stone links sounds more like the work of a dwarf. Lyra offers her a potion bottle filled with the same brew warning her not to take too much.

Lyra also agrees to teach Thana some rituals…..with a rather hands-on approach which she describes as offerings to Malar…

Thana remembers one of her previous incarnations whose relationship with a woman (that incarnation used to male) ended badly. She rejects some of the dryad's advances which comes a shock to Lyra.

Lyra knows that the garrison consists of several major houses: a prison which houses the most important prisoners in an officer's building, a mess hall to which one of the sewer tunnels leads from below and the barracks which house the main grunts.

Kerrick uses his illusionary abilities to pose as a hobgoblin guard. He gets drawn into an impromptu card game with some "fellow" guards and uses the opportunity to relieve one of them of his wallet and also cheats quite a bit. After he excuses himself an explores another room.

There a brutal torturer of the Red Hand is whipping some chained prisoners viciously, one of them Horrick. Kerrick distracts the lone hobgoblin guard and leads him into the gambling den, then leaves to "get more beer".

Meanwhile Nimue knifes the torturer and the group starts freeing the prisoners which have been chained to the wall. After freeing the prisoners a brawl breaks out in the guard room. The torturer who Kerrick has led there seems to suspect something and attacks him. The others burst through the other door into the room to join the attack!

The hobgoblins are a bit drunk and only the torturer seems to pose a real threat. He grabs Kerrick by the throat and begins choking him. Thana teleports him out of the Red Hand's soldier. The hobgoblin guards are slain quickly and the adventurers move to take out the torturer.

The torturer puts up a valiant fight but eventually falls to several cuts and an overdose of electricity.



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