Dalelands, Session 24

She will be executed at dawn.....next week

The hastily formed council of Ashaba tries to come to terms with how to deal with the captives. While there is mostly agreement about keeping the High Councilor in prison, especially not to alienate his son who is away trying to warn the Order of the Sword it looks grim for Shashesh, the priestess of Bane. According to Lhaeo three representatives from churches would be needed for a tribunal while the more common folk demand an execution.

Suddenly a guard bursts in! Nearly out of breath, he rasps that Rondra Morn is scheduled to be executed in Daggerfall in one week! This has been decreed by Count Goldhammer, the local Zhentish representative in Daggerdale! Daggerdale is full of hobgoblins working for the Zhentarim. The green dragon still occupies the Daggerfall fortress.

The only way into Daggerfall is through the sewers below the city and only a small unit of attackers has any chance of getting in undetected. So the adventurers set out to save Rondra Morn from her grisly fate especially since they owe her a debt of honor and also Shadowdale needs an alliance of the dales against the Zhentarim.

They quickly find the entrance to the sewers. Horrick and Mourim force open the grates from the outside. Entering the sewers, the group sees light coming from afar. After displaying a not that amazing amount of stealth, Kerrick tries to imitate a swarm of rats fighting. This sadly riles up the approaching lizardmen who are rushing in to exterminate the rat plague. They are wearing symbols of the Dragon Cult and are probably henchmen of the dragon, Venomina.

The party jumps the brute who runs in front and Kerrick severely injures him with several sneaky attacks. A few smaller lizardmen run in and stab Shiel who tries to get around the brutish lizardman.

The lizardman group tosses Shiel to the floor and the lizardmen beat on him until Kerrick and Nimue get them off so he can get a few hits himself. Thana heals the badly battered battlemind.

Eventually they prove to be no match for the party and are slain. The group advances through the sewers to prevent Rondra's execution in time!


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