4th level Deva Cleric



Thana has a tall, slender figure. Her lilac skin is covered by symmetrical purple patterns. Her milky-lilac eyes have no visible iris or pupils. Her purple hair is completely covered by a majestic head ornament. Her silhouette is framed by a long flowing robe adorned with metallic ornaments and angelic features. She carries a mace and a holy symbol.


Thana is a Deva, an angelic soul from the Prime Material Plane. She does not remember the lives her soul has lived through, but now and then knowledge, wisdom, emotions and memories permeate the veil of oblivion.

Thana was born in 1544 in the ruins of the Golden Ear of Corns, once the highest temple of Chauntea, goddess of fruit and life. Thana appeared in a spectacle of light and the good-natured among her stunned onlookers witnessed how Chauntea herself appointed the young Deva to be her cleric. She was sent on a mission to spread Chauntea’s faith in an increasingly evil world and to walk the path of one of her truest clerics, Laothan. As a reminder and as a token of trust Chauntea named the Deva Thana.

Thana received her first garments, mace and holy symbol as a gift from the goddess and was protected and empowered during her first encounter with the omnipresent evil.

Thana accepts and embraces the godly influence, feeling the need to see things heal, grow and prosper and to end sickness, decay and destruction. She feels close to Nimue in appearance, manners and the fate of resurrection but is troubled by her sorrows and her undead nature. Kerrick intrigues her, as she can’t recall a lot of memories of Kenku. In her newborn state his slyness still escapes her. Shiel seems familiar and trustworthy.


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