Dalelands, Session 43

A griffon rider of the inquisitors wants to fly off to the Order of the Sword to report what happened at the trial. The group decides to follow since Thana still needs to acquire a piece of her relic which is supposedly held there.

Also close to the Order's headquarters is another location of notice: The old mansion of the previous Mantle King Aencars which lived there 250 years ago. The mansion has since fallen into disrepair and also is rumored to be cursed. The promise of untold riches hidden somewhere have prompted adventurers to risk their lives for a long time however.

Since the group all own flying mounts, they accompany the knight. He intends to take a stop near Ashabenfurt but the group decides to push onwards. No light is seen from Ashabenfurt which sounds strange. The knight isn't willing to bring himself into any danger since he has to deliver an important message about the death of the inquisitor after all!

Kerrick flies over the general area of Ashabenfurt's gate. He notices a heap of corpses which seem to have been guardsmen close to the gate.

Suddenly another figure topples out a window in the guardtower. Kerrick notices the figure of a dark elf darting through the shadows.

After the group lands, a melee starts with the drow using poisoned weapons. Kerrick meanwhile shoots a ballista bolt from the tower and one of the drows.

The drows are competent fighters and decently dangerous, but they don't stand a chance against the coordinated attacks of the adventurers. Suddenly, another body hits the pavement. After healing the grievous wounds of the civilian,  the group rushes upstairs.

Upstairs, a man in a golden armor is fighting a drow. The drow is quickly dispatched by Kerrick. The man in the golden armor introduces himself as Talos, which is the name of the dead god of storms, a usually malevolent deity. He explains that the paladins of the Order often take the names but don't always follow the outlook of their namesakes. He is in town since he's heard that the fake Mantle King has allied with the Dons. But apparently he's also allied with the drow who have dispatched most of the knights from the Order. Regarding how Helm is apparently trying to regain his godhood, Talos might be another example of gods reviving all other the land.

He allows the group access to their supplies which contains a few select magic items. Thana tries to heal and raise a few of the slain soldiers. Thana voices her interest in joining the Order of the Sword. Talos guesses that she's after the job of the inquisitor. He advises her that she'd need to choose the name of one of the old slain gods of the pantheon.





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