Dalelands, Session 23

The Battle of Ashaba's Deep...err Tower

The group, aided by the mercenaries and Jhaele and her allies quickly moves into the Tower of Ashaba. The fortress is well protected against attacks from all other directions since it has been build on the slope of a mountain. Apparently it is well stocked with provisions and weapons for the defenders to take over. The upper floors of the main castle have been sealed by the chancellor. Nobody really knows what he's trapped there. The castle once belonged to the Mourngrym family. The dungeons are mostly empty except for a few cutthroats and thieves who Kerrick tries to reason with. They must have hidden some valuables SOMEWHERE!

The citizens of Shadowdale are worried about the impending battle, but Shiel calls on them to take up arms against the chancellor and his wife who are obviously agents of Bane. Lhaeo objects until Shiel displays the Sword of the Dales. The sky above the castle clears up and a ray of light from above hits the sword! Some of the dalelanders call Shiel the Mantled King who has returned and are rushing off to mobilize the other dales.

This convinces the remaining villagers who hurry into the castle, especially since they can see small farms and villages in the distance burning. Apparently an army is advancing. A ritual from Nimue turns the winds against the attackers. Their flames are fanned towards them enabling some of the villagers to escape.

Shortly after closing the gates the advance guard of the chancellor's army arrives. Diplomacy is cut short however since the defenders feel that allying with Bane has voided any claims the chancellor has to Shadowdale. Also he's not inclined to believe any of the 'slander' that his wife is an evil cleric and orders the place to be burnt down. He also shows his disregard toward Shadowdale which he just considers a stepping stone on his way to retake Ashabenfurt.

The siege engines which the attacking army has built are moved closer to the castle and start raining rocks on the wall. The attackers are covered in a green flame which seems to confer some protection on them. This is echoed by Thana's holy powers on the battlements which will bolster the archers.

Nimue's sorcery rains havoc on the soldiers, many are slain by the torrent of magical energies. A small troupe carries a ram towards the gate. Judging by the green runes which cover it seems to have been enchanted for greater potency. The archers on the wall manage to pick off one of the carriers, but the cleric simply raises him as a zombie to keep the attack going.

Hedistrin manifests and asks Shiel to focus his concentration on one of the siege engines from afar. It will take a while and a lot of concentration to charge that power however.

Thana incinerates the zombie with a holy terrain in front of the gate. Shiel obliterates part of a catapult with a beam from his sword and challenges the attackers to watch the actions of their cleric who obviously animated several of their fallen brethren, not something a good cleric is known to do. A few of the soldiers abandon the fight.

Sashesh reanimates more soldiers which pick up the battering ram and keep carrying it closer to the gate. Thana sics Glimmer on the zombies who manages to burn three of them to ashes. One of the towers is hit by a boulder, a part of it collapses down. Using grappling hooks, a few of the attackers manage to scale the towers, some are cut down however.

Meanwhile Sashesh dispels Thana's holy zone below. On the tower, Kerrick throws down one of the attackers. When the front gate is breached and the defenders are prepared to withdraw into the inner castle, reinforcements arrive for the wounded heroes!

It is Scott Harikon of the purple dragons of Cormyr and his mercenaries. They quickly overwhelm the High Counciller and Shashesh and take them as prisoners.




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