Dalelands, Session 18

Schrödinger's Undead

The two captured Zhentarim soldiers don't seem to know much apart from the fact that they were sent to clear the way to the tower for the adventurers in hopes that more Zhentarim will be able to capture it once it is unsealed.

Horrick seems eager to lynch them while Shiel would like to trap them in the caves until their return so they can be brought to justice in a town. To his dismay Horrick is sent to take the captives to Stormpenhauder together with Mourim who still hasn't woken up.

At night, Shiel has nightmares about the death of his father, and the two captives vividly appear in it taking part in his slaughter.

The party finally reaches the Tower of Dreams. An old iron golem is guarding the front door. In his chest is a hole which appears to be shaped like Shraevyn's magical key. Kerrick determines that the mechanism seems to be of elven make. After inserting the key the golem stutters into action.

Hedistrin who seems to be a lot more alive closer to the tower casts a spell and the top of the tower seems to darken and to be covered in vines. Apparently someone has invaded the tower in some other way.

The golem is supposed to anchor the tower to this plane and seems to have problems. Also the forest foliage around the tower seems to be withering indicating an evil presense within the tower. Nimue tries to charge the golem with her lightning spells while Thana asks for Chauntea's help. Shiel tries to power the golem further with his sword.

Finally, the darkness is pushed back and the tower once again the pure marble to the tower shines brightly. The golem manages to force the door open.

Inside the shape of an old man floating over a pentagram distracts the adventurers. When Nimue and Kerrick enter the tower they vanish in a black smoke! The old man awakens and asks the remaining adventurers for help. Following Hedistrin's advice, Shiel sends the golem to go into the tower thereby reanchoring it. 

Nimue and Kerrick suddenly reappear, but the golem seems to have been destroyed. The old man calls himself "The Mentor", tasked by the Order of the Sword to reawaken the belief in the old gods.

Apparently the daughter of Pazuzu and a demon princess from the Abyss seems to have been responsible for his plight. Apparently Sister Tara is at it again!

The Mentor is confused about Nimue's undead state. She seems to both undead and not… He suggests Nimue should visit Eschental before snapping back to his senses.

He's afraid the world is on its way to fall into the darkness. Also he keeps mumbling about "the witch" who imprisoned him. He's seen flesh tunnels like the ones below Shadowdale as well. Apparently he's also infused with the power of the old gods since he's able to shatter the pentagram circle once out by simply touching it.

The party moves up to the first floor. There they seem to witness the moment of the creation of the Sword of the Dales. WIN_20170522_20_56_49_Pro Apparently Shiel is supposed to take Shraevyn's place in this scene with Hedistrin and the golem from below standing close to the altar on which the sword awaits the finishing touches. Three knights of Myth Drannor are guarding the room. Suddenly the golem grabs Hedistrin and tries to sacrifice her. The shocked Shiel tries to order the golem to stop which replies that terminating the ritual would destroy the tower and kill everyone in it. Nimue notices that the golem's magic seems to be tied to the Abyss and Kerrick notices his cursed amulet hanging around its neck. Shiel notices that his sword is gone, apparently it is just in the process of being created! So he jumps at the golem to rip the amulet from its neck in which he succeeds, tumbling to the floor!

The "Knights of Myth Drannor" morph into two wraiths and a shadow demon! With curses on their lips they leap at the group!

The shadow demon employs a deadly fear aura and necrotic attacks while the wraiths try to siphon the group's life force. They are vulnerable to holy powers though. Thana's radiant attacks appear to counteract the demon's and the wraith's insubstantiality. Shiel manages to sic the golem on the shadow demon.

Finally the concerted efforts of the adventurers which are joined by the Mentor slay the shadow demon. Hedistrin doesn't seem to be relieved and seems to be annoyed with Shraevyn/Shiel and blasts him against the wall before storming upstairs in fury. Then, the old Hedistrin fades back in. Since she doesn't have any recollection of what just happened the party proceeds to climb up the stairs.



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