Dalelands, Session 13

A Tale from Long Ago...

The pursuers aren't far behind according to the noises. Kerrick scatters a lot of caltrops on the floor and the party emerges behind a waterfall. Horrick and Nimue manage to tie a sturdy rope to a tree on the opposing riverbank. After rescuing Thana with a grappling a grappling hook the group sets off in a slightly wrong direction.

They finally reach the Spiderhaunt woods at night and decide camp before searching for Shraevyn's tower in the morning. According to Hedistrin who appears at their campsite, the tower is only a few miles away. She does sense hostility from the tower however which seems very strange to her.

Most of the adventurers fall into an uneasy sleep. In his dream, Kerrick meets Tara who tells him that hero lord (Pazuzu) claims the tower as his own. Ravens are circling around the tower. She offers him the raven claw amulet as a sign to renew his faith but Kerrick refuses. Enraged, Tara crushes the amulet making his heart feel like it's bursting. Kerrick awakes in cold sweat.

Shiel finds himself in what appears Myth Drannor during its apex of splendor. He wanders through the city marvelling at the art and other wonders which the city holds. Suddenly, foul demons appear and begin to slaughter the city people. Even paladins of Corellon aren't able to withstand the demonic assault and are devoured. Shiel is finally the only survivor and jumps into the maw of a huge creature trying to slice it but is devoured as well. He wakes screaming in his bedroll.

Hedistrin reaches into Thana's mind but cannot find anything about Myth Drannor's fall. She does the same to Shiel who feels very ill and reveals that three demon generals participated in the attack on Myth Drannor but were slain. Enraged, their armies destroyed the city. Hedistrin narrates that most of the demons have been Tanar'ri, she calls them 'younger demons'. The maw however she declares as being even older than the generals, a creature born from the chaos of the Abyss.

Nimue wakes on an altar surrounded by sahaguin, even her brother Mourim is at her side, but he rebukes her for defying the Devourer. As she is tied down she cannot really resist and is killed by his hand.


Thana tries to calm her in her sleep but Nimue resists and summons the storms in her heart who materialize as Umberlee. This version however has a gaping hole in her chest. Umberlee remarks it was 'necessary' and tasks Nimue to find her body in the deeps. She also cautions her not to trust Mourim who she sees as lost. Black tentacles signal the power of the Devourer so Umberlee cuts the meeting short.

Apparently Umberlee has been responsible for Nimue's current condition. Traveling onwards, the group happens on an old road and a peculiar spectacle. A gnome is trying to force a giant spider into a cage on his cart. The beast resists fiercely. He introduces himself as a spider hunter, salesman of rare poisons. After Shiel helps him push the spider onto the cart, he introduces himself as Madarn, hunter of spiders. He notices Kerrick and remarks that he has just seen another kenku in his home village, probably Tara. He even hands Kerrick a vial of poison as a present.

Suddenly a larger group of spiders approaches the cart. Madarn promises the group a hefty reward if they can deliver the spider parts to him.


The spiders consist out of several swarms, a lot of spiderlings and nasty poison spewing Feyspitters who can emit a noxious fluid at the adventurers hitting Nimue and Shiel. Mourim whisks over the battlefield and impales a Feyspitter with his bone dagger which sucks the spider dry.

Nimue indiscriminately blasts Shiel and the spider swarms and injures all of them…several times.


Madarn notices a huge spider approaching. A dire spider bursts from the foliage and grabs Mourim who drops his devourer blade and slumps lifelessly in its grip. The giant spider carries him off.


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