Dalelands, Session 55

The group enter the manor of the previous Mantle King. Even Shiel's ritual to bolster the mental fortitude of his compatriots does not seem to be enough to ward them against the mental assault emanating from the castle.

Thana touches one of the walls and feels drawn in but her mind is fortified so she manages to get through the darkness of the entrance. Kerrick and Nimue are not so lucky however and it takes some prodding and a blade barrier to get Nimue out of the gate. Kerrick disappears in the darkness and also Tempus seems to be affected by the mansion's powers. 

She hits a large gong and some githyanki appear who seem to recognize Shiel's sword and accuse him of being a 'thief'. Shiel tries to invoke the sword's power to break the mental hold on Tempus who thinks she's working for the owner of this mansion! He calls on her free spirit and  the honor of her forefathers as she is a barbarian. Tempus doesn't really snap out of it, but seems conflicted enough that she drops her weapons wrestling with her mental control.

Kerrick meanwhile is deeply lost in the psionic field at the entrance. He feels all alone and in his mind he has killed his comrades and everything is hopeless.

The githyanki jump from the wall with acrobatic slashes and psionic fireballs wreaking havoc with the adventurers. Meanwhile, Tempus regains her senses with Thana's guidance.

Meanwhile the Githyanki are jumping down from the wall and are wreaking bloody havoc with acrobatic slashes and psionic fireballs. A barrage of mental assaults stuns several of the adventurers and throws Shiel to the floor.

After the githyanki take several hits, their skulls burst open revealing insidious brain-like parasites: intellect devourers. One of them briefly climbs on Shiel's head trying to take advantage of his predicament. It quickly manages to make him attack Nimue but he wrests back control and tosses the creature to the floor after ripping it off his head. 



Dalelands, Session 54

Thana visits Ilmater in his small hospice. An acolyte lets her in, much to the cleric's dismay. She offers to help the wounded which Ilmater grudingly admits.

thana seeks to a body to summon Jezebel into (which would probably damn the original soul). Even though Jezebel would prefer the young female assistant of the cleric, thana dumps her into the dying old man on one of the stretchers. Hopefully she'll be able to deal with the unwary priest once alone.

Shiel continues practicing a ritual which will enable him to bolster the mental resistances of the group against befuddlement and domination abilities which may be necessary when the group visits the mansion of the Mantle King.

An acolyte of Hermes notifies Thana that there has been a breakin into the pope's quarters. Not only have the thieves made off with an artifact, some of the guards have been killed as well.

Kerrick notices that the quarters of Thana are warded against Pazuzu. So he tells her that he is under the control of Pazuzu and is forced to act on his behalf.  Thana offers to help him even though he also admits to killing the guards, though it hasn't been his intention (which is actually true!).

Nimue is a bit cryptic with her drow contacts who have been scouting around the abandandoned (?) manor of the Mantle King. The group decide to talk to Helm to maybe assist with his inquiry,

At the location of the theft Tyr and helm are examining the wreckage. Not only has "someone" managed to break down one of the doors (one SHOULD have needed a golden key and the pope's permission).

Nimue discusses Ilmeth, the war chancelor and the fate of Tempus with Helm who tells her that as far as he knows, Tempus has tried to betray the order and acquire the warblade.

The group convinces Helm to check out the other locked rooms to see if the artifacts are still there. Helm argues that he'd need the permission for it. At least he opens the chamber from which Kerrick has stolen the raven mask from. Closer inspection of the pedestal (which has been fashioned from skulls) indicates that the artifact may have been used to power the room somehow. It seems to be a shrine to thievery.

Discussing the mansion of the Mantle King reveals that the lost Oghma is a mind flayer, also that the Mantle King's old mansion seems to be surrounded by a moat of water.

Getting ready for the trip Nimue corners Kerrick about the Pazuzu business. Kerrick once again tells his story of being mostly under Pazuzu's control.

After moving to the mansion of the Mantle King, the group stands in front of a drawbridge. Calling on the Sword of the Dales, Shiel orders it to be dropped. Someone complies and drops the bridge. As the party notice there's there's a goliath woman on the drawbridge who invites them in…Tempus. Even though she doesn't like that name since it was forced on her by the pope. Even though she seems confused, she still remembers the struggle over the Warblade, and that she was thrown into the dungeon of the Order…..until she was freed by Oghma….which she seems to forget a moment later.

Shiel reinforces the ritual to protect the party's minds…better to be safe than sorry. Looking down into the moat a lot of corpses seem to be drifting in it….mostly the corpses of children. Something very weird and evil is going on here. Resolutely, the heroes walk over the drawbridge and disappear inside…



Dalelands, Session 53

Finally the group reaches the Order of the Sword. It is an huge castle with strong stone walls. Strangely enough there seems to be no signs of the inquisition here. Also the castle seems to be up in arms, probably preparing for the impending advance of the enemy army. The group also notices the flying lion banner of Rondra Morn's family.

Thana watches the portals opening in front of her as if by magic. She has conjured a searing ray of sunlight which follows her causing blistering heat. 

Walking up to the pope of the Order, she proclaims herself as Talona, the goddess of plagues. Which doesn't sit well with a cleric who's assumed the mantle of Ilmater. The person who the group knows as Helm notes this to be a very interesting, but also dangerous choice. Thana hands him the pipe of Helm which the group had acquired only enraging the paladin who's represending the God of Suffering even more.

Rondra pulls back Shiel and warns him to stay away from the spiritual matters. After a demonstration of her power the pope invites Thana to join the Order after she swears she will protect it. She also gets a small chapel for herself.

After that, the pope talks to Shiel. They talk about the two armies threatening both Highmoon and the Order. The pope magically contacts two of the Order's representatives in Highmoon, Selune and Corellon Larethian. They have grim news. The advancing army is committing slaughter especially amongst the elves on the way, that's why a lot of refugees are swarming the city beyond its limits.

The pope also tells Shiel of the previous Mantle King's mansion which is supposed to be cursed. The priest who took the name of Oghma, the previous (dead) god of knowledge has ventured off to search the mansion and find a way to break its curse, but he's been missing for ten days. Nor do people who venture close to the mansion return. According to legend, it may house a way to increase mental strength and only the Mantle King is supposed to be able to break the curse.

Shiel suggests contacting Scott Harikon who is on the way to Ashabenfurt to ask him to move his soldiers there. Ilthond who has received the red mage tower as his reward and apparently used it to extend his influence teleports off to notify him.

Shiel seeks a quiet place to ask Hedistrin in the Sword of the Dales for advice about the curse. Meanwhile, Kerrick gambles with some patrons until he meets 'the seer' who tries to test his mettle in a game. Kerrick is supposed to drink one of two bottles, one of which is supposed to be poisoned. Kerrick doesn't fall for that however since both are obviously poisoned! The seer is amused and gives him a Claw of Pazuzu amulet as a price and agrees working for him. For a sizable part of the earnings however!

Shiel summons Hedistrin from the sword. While she does not remember anything about a curse, she fears there may be forces in the mansion who use mental powers to dominate their victims into not leaving or may be confusing their minds enough so that they never find their way back. She suggests that Shiel prepare a ritual to fortify his and his allies's minds against psychic powers.

Thana summons Jezebel, a female devil who she knows from the absorbed aspect of Balaam. Jezebel seemingly is still miffed that Balaam ditched her for a romance with Chauntea for a few hundred years, but is quickly mollified when Thana offers her the chance to rekindle their relationship. They plot to get rid of the priest who has assumed the name of Ilmater. For that, Jezebel bestows a minor power of suggestion on her to be able to influence Ilmater to make a perhaps critical mistake…

Nimue meanwhile visits the city to be able to buy a magic item. There she learns of War Chancellor Ilmeth who doesn't seem to be too fond of a new Mantle King. He's a duke of Assembra who has inherited the title 16 years ago so she visits his mansion. One of his advisors, a black-skinned man named Ramoth introduces Nimue to the noble. Ilmeth doesn't seem to be too confrontational and even remarks on hearing only good things about Shiel and his compatriots in contrast to the "Mantle King of the East".  One of his people is Tyr, one of the Order.

Ilmeth asks Nimue about her impression about the Order to the Sword. Nimue tells him about the inquisition and that there has been at least one corrupted person in its ranks. Tyr agrees, especially since the high inquisitor is named by the pope herself. By the power of the Warblade, one of the most powerful elven blades from Cormanthyr she has a strong grip on power. The three elven blades were the Artblade (wielded by the highest archmage of Myth Drannor), the Warblade (which belonged to the protector of Myth Drannor) and the Ruler's Blade (which is supposed to be the symbol of the King of Myth Drannor, a sword made seemingly of stone) .

According to legend, all three blades were supposed to be only be able to be drawn by elves, but Ilmeth doesn't believe the pope to be one. Also the black Artblade seems to be wielded now by the fake Mantle King.

Tyr remarks that one of the reasons of mistrust against the pope is the banishment of Tempus who apparently also has been very interested in obtaining the Warblade. Ilmeth and Tyr ask Nimue to keep a watchful eye on the pope and be notified of any suspicious activities. Tempus apparently is a female goliath barbarian from the stonelands and is now being reviled as a traitor to the Order.

Thana intrudes into a meeting of Helm and Torm, and older person of at least 50 years of age who argue about duty and the management of resources. Thana coaxes the location of the piece of the Horn of Plenty here in the abbey, but apparently she has to pass some sort of spiritual challenge to be able to obtain it which may even have been designed by Laothan himself.

Kerrick tries to enter the treasury disguised as a guard but is soon stopped by the distrustful guards. So he as usual has to call on Pazuzu's aid who makes quick work of the poor guards. Breaking the lock he finds one unholy item of Pazuzu's which he quickly pockets.





Dalelands, Session 52

In the evening Shiel meets with the Cormyrean contact. From the notes which the adventurers have liberated after the she has gathered that the fake Mantle King is planning to marry the noble ruler of Harrowdale in hopes that the whole region will bow to him without resistance. The marriage doesn't seem to be voluntary however as he's kidnapped the woman.

Also, two of his armies are poised to attack Battledale and move on Highmoon eventually. One is even led by his red dragon!

Shiel agrees that cooperation between Cormyr and the Dalelands under his control may be advantageous. The ex-Harper has some other entanglements in mind but Shiel flees cutting the meeting short.

Thana consults with Marbas, the devil which she had summoned. His tries to find a part of the Horn of Plenty have hit a few snags, also the parts of the Horn will have to be assembled by reading the writing engraved in the Horn in Supernal. Balaam's knowledge would allow Thana to read the writings in INFERNAL as well, though that would probably twist the powers of the Horn to some more sinister purpose.

Nimue meets with the sister of the slain drow matron who offers her the drows' aid for one time as a repayment of the debt. She intends to move to Harrowdale to spy on the activities of the fake Mantle King. Nimue warns her to be wary of the high priest of the sea elves. They agree to meet again in Essembra, the capital of Battledale, at an inn.

Kerrick visits Durmik the Red, his henchmen who had betrayed him to Multimer. The pressures him back in his service. Durmik agrees since he fears for his life.

Talos requests some private time with Thana asking her about her decision regarding Chauntea. Thana tells him of her choice to rely on and increase her own powers instead and that she intends to take then name of Talona, the goddess of plagues. Talos does seem pleased and hands her a letter of recommendation to the pope of the Order of the Sword. 

On the way there with their fancy flying mounts, the group happens on an aerial combat between a knight of the Order and several drakes which are piloted by humans wearing the same armor as the fake Mantle King from Multimer's illusions.

Shiel charges on of the drakes with his griffon mount, but the drakes are much more agile in the air, enabling their rides to charge through their opponents with their lances and breathing lightning streams at their opponents.

Suddenly a large black shadow decends on the group. A much larger shadow dragon attacks the group breathing a cloud of blackness which seeps their life force from them. The smaller drakes are clearly cowed by the dominating presense and redouble their efforts.

After taking a few wounds the black dragon envelops itself in a cloud of darkness. Even that does not protect the majestic beast from Kerrick's and Nimue's attacks.

It drops from the sky hitting the ground with its hapless rider. Even so, the two remaining drakes keep fighting and darting through their enemies with their flyby attacks.

Yet they prove no match for sorcery and crossbow are quickly shot out of the sky.

Dalelands, Session 51
Aspirations & Adversaries

Upstairs, in the Multimer, the last Don's manor, the group pauses. Thana senses the presence of another devil, Shiel feels his sword hum in confusion since it detects the presence of another magical blade with a cold, strange aura.

Nimue meanwhile notices the presense of a servant of the Devourer.

Climbing upstairs posing as a serving wench, Kerrick comes across several stuffed kenkus. Some heartless being has literally used their corpses as grim spectators of the stairway.

While Thana tries to find guild marks on them, the rest sneaks down the main corridor; not stealthily enough though as suddenly a door bursts open and fishman stands in the door. Nimue recognizes him as a Knight of the Shadow Sea, a heartless servant of the Devourer, a demonic being without feelings who only lives to kill…and judge the enemies of the Devourer….which usually ends in death.

After brawling with him for a bit, the doors to the main hall open and the party sees a black clothed figure who calmly remarks that 'his guests appear to have finally joined him for dinner'.

At that moment one of the other doors opens and Shiel is confronted by a red robed figure with a pitch black sword: the fake Mantle King. Also Thana is greeted by a devil with wings, an agent of Mammon, enemy of Balam.

To increase the confusion, the red robed wizard Ilthond walks out of the final room. Is he working for Multimer? Kerrick asks Multimer if he's stuffed his wife as well judging by the lifeless kenkus adorning the walls.

Also the plates on the table are decorated with the heads of the previous dons. Since his "guests" don't seem to appreciate art, Multimer asks his guards, a few halflings  and the illusionary adversaries who suddenly turn into creatures of Bhaal, the god of murder.

Even the stuffed kenkus on the wall are animated by some magic, but Kerrick calls on Pazuzu to wrest the control of his fallen breathren away from Multimer. He declares that "the kenku have remembered their heritage and are now flocking to protect their own".

A grim battle erupts between the kenku controlled by Kerrick and those still under Multimer's orders. The Knight of the Shadow Sea turns into a rolling wave washing over the attackers and tries to also engulf Nimue in his dark floods. Its visor opens and displays a bottomless bit with razor sharp teeth. The force of his wave seems to have been dulled by the large distance he has had to cross.

A large distance is also the problem of the group who are split into small groups all over the floor and are not able to defend each other very well. Multimer uses that gaping hole in the heroes' defenses to strike down Kerrick with a few dagger thrusts.

The Knight's wave had decimated his animated kenkus shortly before so Kerrick has little chance to defend against Multimer's vicious assault.

Luckily a healthy dose of clerical healing from Thana helps him back to his feat and also heals most of Shiel's wounds.

After Multimer starts taking a serious beating, he laughs menacingly and vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Apparently he's turned invisible and is trying to escape! Kerrick hears the clicking of a mechanism but Multimer's already run through a secret door which he closes and bars behind him. His remaining halfling henchmen sadly doesn't know where it leads so Kerrick executes her in cold blood.

The only remaining servant of Multimer is the Knight, but even he's soon surrounded by the adventurers. With blows and magic raining down on him and Thana tormenting him with her power of blight gained from Balaam, he's on the defensive.

Even a caustic explosion which he causes doesn't save him from Kerrick's barrelling charge. Mortally wounded, his helmet falls to the floor revealing a mishappen sea elf. He rasps: "You will never be able to stop our ascension!" to Nimue before he expires.








Dalelands, Session 50

Wasting no time in Ashabenfort, Thana who has now assumed to position of the fallen goddess Talona summons one of Balaam's servants, a very old devil servant. She still intends to find the pieces of Chauntea's Horn of Plenty but isn't really able to call on her former goddess's aid.

The devil asks for three imps to be able to complete the search for the piece of the artifact and Thana agrees and sends him off.

The leader of the trading company strikes a deal with Shiel to allow control of Ashabenfurt by Cormyr by their Seven Suns Trading Coster.  Durana Shaleel as she calls herself  (also the name of a missing harper agent, Shiel notices) offers the group a secret access to Multimer's (the last Don who had made the deal with the drow elves and is rumored to work for the fake Mantle King) manor.

The party reemerge in a storage room close to the kitchen where a shelf blocks the access to the kitchen. One of Kerrick's old accomplishes is having fun with one of the serving wenches….who screeches in fear as Kerrick bursts into the room….notifying the ettin guard and some mercenaries hired by the Don.

The ettin charges Kerrick who is the first person who has left the storage room.

Using psionic powers Shiel moves up to the ettin who after some unsuccessful tries manages to smash him into a side chamber….where his buddies jump the prone battlemind.

Meanwhile the rest of the group topple the ettin and lightning spells and melee decimate his rogue allies more and more. Soon the ettin is bleeding profusely from many wounds itself.

Enraged it is wreaking havoc among the group tossing them to the floor with a mighty ground stomp and whirling his mighty club around. Nimue's lightning bolt puts an end to his resistance though. The final bandit dives out of the window instead of facing the party's wrath.

Kerrick confront his disloyal henchmen who isn't really able to come up with believable excuses. He punishes him with an ugly gash through his face and sends him off into the knight.

A stairwell leads up further into the Don's manor.



Dalelands, Session 49

Finally the group bursts into the final hall below the temple. The draegloth is holding a drow woman on his outstretched arm over a well of blood. She is bleeding heavily into it. The corpses behind the well which have been carelessly tossed aside seem to have been its previous victims.

A phalanx of skeletons is guarding the entrance against the intruders' charge. While the group is busy with the skeletons, the archer skeletons and the draegloth unload a barrage of attacks on them. The demon spews a billowing cloud of black poisonous vapors covering the entrance which Thana counters with a burst of radiance protecting her fellow adventurers.

The matron mother mostly sticks to her daegloth for protection and only rarely fires a net containing living spiders at Kerrick. The daegloth deflects projectiles meant for her with an unerring accuracy however.

With the ranks of the skeletons decreasing the matron uses the corpses of her sacrificed allies as fodder for some more willing minions. The draegloth covers itself and the matron in a field of darkness.

With Kerrick and Nimue putting the hurt on her, she teleports back to the blood well with her demonic follower and charges her spider net with demonic blood magic!

It catches Nimue, Kerrick and Shiel in their tracks and pins them away from the draegloth and its mistress.

It does not protect her against her against Kerrick's crossbow however. She falls to the floor, mortally wounded. The draegloth doesn't like that however and flies into a berserker rage!!!

It breathes out a dark fire which covers both allies and enemies and attempts to suck the life out of them! It also marks its enemies and displays their feature prominently even in semi-darkness.

The statue of Balam continues to whisper to Thana and she finally agrees to take Balam's power under the condition that it will be hers to control. She uses the power of famine to drain the bodily fluids of the draegloth, weakening it a lot!

It doesn't last much longer even though it doesn't die before having pummelled Shiel a bit more. 

Thana has taken Balam's place and now knows Chauntea has once worked together with him. To take on an aspect of balance she would have to defeat her goddess.




Dalelands, Session 48

Entering the room of the matron the group happen on two driders. The large room has several doors to what appears to be sleeping quarters. Kerrick tries to distract them to allow his group for a sneak attack. Warily, one of them mentions "waking the others". This is the signal for the heroes to charge!

One of the driders pins Shiel's cloak with its legs to the floor and spins him into a cocoon while the rest of the battle rages around them. Nimue pelts the enemies with her lightning and thunder spells while Kerrick uses their weak points to catch them off guard. Thana teleports the stunned Shiel out of the cocoon.

The driders are using deadly crossbows in addition to their poisonous bite and fell Kerrick which they had surrounded but Thana's instant healing spell saves his life.

Nimue in a lightning ball form whisks through the enemies but gets herself cornered in one of the rooms. The driders put up a hell of a fight shooting webs at the group but when one finally collapse, its mate lets out a shrill scream of rage. 

A wall explodes behind Shiel, the rubble barely misses him. A golem made from spider silk and crawling with dozens of small spiders appears from the rubble and lumbers menacingly towards the group.

It grabs Kerrick and begins swinging him around like a giant club causing mayhem. The final drider is spewing weapons at the remaining attackers since she is enraged at her mate's death she has long been driven into a fury.

She even rams her dagger into her own chest to transfer he rage to the rampaging golem! The golem grabs the squirming Kerrick and Shiel and spews poisonous webs at the rest of the group!

Nimue sets the golem on fire which also burns its captives. But once it collapses the two can escape the flaming wreckage.

Searching through the drider's note the group finds a list indicating that the settlement comprised about a hundred drow. It also says something about a 'draegloth', a demon born from a high priestess of Lolth, a drow/demon hybrid, and very powerful.

Thana searches a chest with a Chauntea symbol, but it also adorned with a demonic head as well. As she opens it, a metal piece flies out from the chest and attaches itself to the little Balam statuette the group carries around. A trapdoor leads downwards from one of the rooms, but it only seems to have been a store room with the contents fallen to dust long ago.

Feeling adventurous, Nimue absorbs the magical flame in the room with her evil rod….which sort of turns into a snake and wraps around her arm.

Meanwhile Nimue and their drow guide get to know themselves a bit closer…

At night, Thana has dreams of Balam who asks her if she wants to renew the ancient covenant. Balam complains about being driven out of a position of godhood, that the cycle of life also needs decay and famine. Yet the inquisition who has also been very powerful has managed to seal Balam below this temple here. Balam asks her what she desires, and she replies that desires Chauntea's power since her worship gets no respect. But she doesn't intend to share the power with Balam.

Balam also offers her his power as a new mistress of famine once he's freed since he has to deal with some enemies in the nine hells. He's especially wary of Mammon, his father, because he doesn't like sharing power and has even killed his offspring to absorb their power before.



Dalelands, Session 47

Extinguishing the fire sadly does not turn off the flame barrier in the hallway. So the group decide to deal with the drow witch first who has encourage the matron into taking over these cellars.

The witch declares her plans for the surface world. She has happened on the prison of the Bringer of Famine and plans to unleash him on the unsuspecting surface dwellers. She conjures up a flame wall which holds back the attackers and motions her two tiefling skeletons to attack.

Meanwhile a tiefling cleric in the background conducts a nefarious ritual over a portal which is filled by flames. Something seems to moving in the infernal fires…

Also she casts a hex on Nimue which will damage her everytime someone hurts one of her allies. Which is very painful since the adventurers don't really show any signs of holding back either.

The skeletons use cursed blades which wrest part of their victims' life force away to empower the tiefling cleric and the drow mage.

After her skeletons are overwhelmed, the witch moves the wall of fire backwards to protect her cleric's ritual. Kerrick's shots through the flames hit their mark however and hurt her badly. Nimue teleports through the flames after using them to damage herself.

The mage breaks her staff and tosses it through the wall which results in a major explosion which the group mostly survives intact. Without her staff the mage soon dies and the cleric follows her in death soon after.

Nimue holds the unholy rod into the flames in the portal and the magical energies lessen being drawn into the rod which forms a burning scepter which can be used as a sorcerer's implement.

The ritual scrolls detail the progress in unsealing Balam: apparently four of the five seals holding him have been broken. The cult seems to have had connections to the faith of Chauntea as well though it doesn't reveal much.

The drow seem to be all about restoring a position of power after getting kicked out of their city due to their Lolth worship when the city switched allegiance to the Raven Queen. Apparently Mort Morden has his hands in this as well as he has provided the Matron with a magical dagger and a black book which might help her control a freed Balam. Suddenly, a piece a metal detaches from one of the alcoves and flies towards the statuette the group found before: it is a sickle which somehow magically welds to the one of its hands!

The adventurers extinguish the magical fire behind the portal and prepare to visit the matron's chambers.




Dalelands, Session 46

Zelnaryn the drow leads the group down into a big cellar hall. A drow priestess works a spell on a fireplace to cut off a corridor behind the hall with a wall of fire. Two many armed skeletons with scimitars are guarding the opposite end of the big room. In the middle an orb lies on a pedestal which glows with a malevolent purplish hue. A magical fire burns on the pedestal on the left side.  

Entering the hall, the drow accompanying the adventures is hit by a purplish beam from the orb and collapses to the floor. More undeads come from the alcoves where the remains of long dead humanoids have been stored. The unholy glow in their eyes matches the orb's miasma indicating that the effect may be tied to the orb.

After brawling with the skeletons the orb takes another shot at Shiel, dropping him into a near death state. The skeletons keep the adventurers busy and new ones keep reforming in the corners of the hall. Thana's blade barrier destroys man of the mindless undead however.

The group try to use a crowbar to lift the orb out of the pedestal's mound but it refuses to budge. After several tries it crashes to the floor. That and the continued exposure to the blade barries seems to have damaged it beyond repair! The swirling energies it emits even tear through the blade barrier and absorb it. Shiel tries to roll the orb towards the last remaining skeleton. Is the distance to the impending doom enough?

A huge explosion shakes the room, but the adventurers escape mostly unscathed. Nimue finally uses the infernal rod she's found to douse the magical flame. The rod sucks in the flame's magical energy. It appears to be dedicated to Mammon, the archdevil of greed. Whatever could go wrong with giving even more power to an archdevil? There will be no repercussions for that obviously….

The graves seem very old and include the bones of tieflings as well. Thana grabs one of the old shields with a logo to have it identified later on. She also finds an infernal relic, a depiction of an ancient devil with a scythe. It may be an ancient adversary of Chauntea related to poverty and decay, Balaam, probably a servant of Mammon.


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