Tag: resistance


  • Horrick

    *Affiliation:* Heroes *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 01 | Dalelands, Session 01]] Horrick is a humble villager from Highmoon who's become very angry at the growing Zhentarim incursions. Mentally unstable he tries to help …

  • Jhaele Silvermane

    *Affiliation:* Shahdowdale, Resistance *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 03 | Dalelands, Session 03]] Jhaele Silvermane is the innkeeper of the [[Old Skull, The|Old Skull]], an inn in Shadowdale. She secretly works with the …

  • Ariton

    *Affiliation:* Heroes *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 07 | Dalelands, Session 07]] Ariton was once captain of the guard in Daggerfall before he was ousted by the Zhentarim. He keeps working as a member of the resistance.