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  • Bhaal

    *Greater God*

    *Other Names:* Thanatos

    *Alignment:* Chaotic Evil

    *Serves:* -

    *Worshippers:* …

  • Pazuzu

    Pazuzu is known as a demon prince of the abyss and has also been revered by kenkus of old as a god. Others though blame him for the loss of the kenkus' ability to fly as a punishment for getting them to betray the [[Raven Queen]].

    He is …

  • Kerrick

    So far Kerrick has not revealed much from his past to the rest of the party. When our heroes met him in Ashabenford, he was thrown out of an inn for working on his own and not for the [[Dons|Don]], later, in a conversation, he mentioned that he was only …

  • Shiel

    Shiel hails from Highmoon where he has lived with his foster father, Bort Greymane, a veteran. It was Bort who carried the 12 year-old Shiel who was severely injured and suffering with a high fever from the region of Myth Drannor to a nearby village to …

  • Lhaeo

    *Affiliation:* Heroes *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 03 | Dalelands, Session 03]] Lhaeo nowadays is a recluse. After his master Elminster disappeared without a trace 40 years ago, he's overseeing Elminster's tower.