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  • Chauntea

    *Other Names:* This incarnation of Chauntea is also known as Autumn Leaf - Archfey of Autumn.

    *Alignment:* Good

    *Domains:* Fertility, Growth, Plants

    *Serves:* -

    *Allied with:* -

    *Foes:* -

  • Pelora

    *Lesser Goddess*

    *Other Names*: Tiandra, Archfey of Summer

    *Alignment:* Lawful Good

    *Domains:* Sun, …

  • Nimue

    Nimue was born as a sea elf in a small, secluded settlement of sea elves and wood elves in and around Sember Lake. She met [[:shiel | Shiel]] on an old elven path deep in the woods near Sember Lake, and joined his ill-fated caravan on a trip to highmoon. …

  • Thana

    Thana is a Deva, an angelic soul from the Prime Material Plane. She does not remember the lives her soul has lived through, but now and then knowledge, wisdom, emotions and memories permeate the veil of oblivion. Thana was born in 1544 in the ruins of …

  • Sister Tara

    *Affiliation:* Pazuzu *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 03 | Dalelands, Session 03]] Sister Tara manages a local brothel in Shadowdale. She has since been revealed as an agent of [[Pazuzu]] the demon prince. She wears an …

  • Jhaele Silvermane

    *Affiliation:* Shahdowdale, Resistance *Status:* Alive *First Appearance:* [[Dalelands, Session 03 | Dalelands, Session 03]] Jhaele Silvermane is the innkeeper of the [[Old Skull, The|Old Skull]], an inn in Shadowdale. She secretly works with the …