Dalelands, Session 49

Finally the group bursts into the final hall below the temple. The draegloth is holding a drow woman on his outstretched arm over a well of blood. She is bleeding heavily into it. The corpses behind the well which have been carelessly tossed aside seem to have been its previous victims.

A phalanx of skeletons is guarding the entrance against the intruders' charge. While the group is busy with the skeletons, the archer skeletons and the draegloth unload a barrage of attacks on them. The demon spews a billowing cloud of black poisonous vapors covering the entrance which Thana counters with a burst of radiance protecting her fellow adventurers.

The matron mother mostly sticks to her daegloth for protection and only rarely fires a net containing living spiders at Kerrick. The daegloth deflects projectiles meant for her with an unerring accuracy however.

With the ranks of the skeletons decreasing the matron uses the corpses of her sacrificed allies as fodder for some more willing minions. The draegloth covers itself and the matron in a field of darkness.

With Kerrick and Nimue putting the hurt on her, she teleports back to the blood well with her demonic follower and charges her spider net with demonic blood magic!

It catches Nimue, Kerrick and Shiel in their tracks and pins them away from the draegloth and its mistress.

It does not protect her against her against Kerrick's crossbow however. She falls to the floor, mortally wounded. The draegloth doesn't like that however and flies into a berserker rage!!!

It breathes out a dark fire which covers both allies and enemies and attempts to suck the life out of them! It also marks its enemies and displays their feature prominently even in semi-darkness.

The statue of Balam continues to whisper to Thana and she finally agrees to take Balam's power under the condition that it will be hers to control. She uses the power of famine to drain the bodily fluids of the draegloth, weakening it a lot!

It doesn't last much longer even though it doesn't die before having pummelled Shiel a bit more. 

Thana has taken Balam's place and now knows Chauntea has once worked together with him. To take on an aspect of balance she would have to defeat her goddess.




Dalelands, Session 48

Entering the room of the matron the group happen on two driders. The large room has several doors to what appears to be sleeping quarters. Kerrick tries to distract them to allow his group for a sneak attack. Warily, one of them mentions "waking the others". This is the signal for the heroes to charge!

One of the driders pins Shiel's cloak with its legs to the floor and spins him into a cocoon while the rest of the battle rages around them. Nimue pelts the enemies with her lightning and thunder spells while Kerrick uses their weak points to catch them off guard. Thana teleports the stunned Shiel out of the cocoon.

The driders are using deadly crossbows in addition to their poisonous bite and fell Kerrick which they had surrounded but Thana's instant healing spell saves his life.

Nimue in a lightning ball form whisks through the enemies but gets herself cornered in one of the rooms. The driders put up a hell of a fight shooting webs at the group but when one finally collapse, its mate lets out a shrill scream of rage. 

A wall explodes behind Shiel, the rubble barely misses him. A golem made from spider silk and crawling with dozens of small spiders appears from the rubble and lumbers menacingly towards the group.

It grabs Kerrick and begins swinging him around like a giant club causing mayhem. The final drider is spewing weapons at the remaining attackers since she is enraged at her mate's death she has long been driven into a fury.

She even rams her dagger into her own chest to transfer he rage to the rampaging golem! The golem grabs the squirming Kerrick and Shiel and spews poisonous webs at the rest of the group!

Nimue sets the golem on fire which also burns its captives. But once it collapses the two can escape the flaming wreckage.

Searching through the drider's note the group finds a list indicating that the settlement comprised about a hundred drow. It also says something about a 'draegloth', a demon born from a high priestess of Lolth, a drow/demon hybrid, and very powerful.

Thana searches a chest with a Chauntea symbol, but it also adorned with a demonic head as well. As she opens it, a metal piece flies out from the chest and attaches itself to the little Balam statuette the group carries around. A trapdoor leads downwards from one of the rooms, but it only seems to have been a store room with the contents fallen to dust long ago.

Feeling adventurous, Nimue absorbs the magical flame in the room with her evil rod….which sort of turns into a snake and wraps around her arm.

Meanwhile Nimue and their drow guide get to know themselves a bit closer…

At night, Thana has dreams of Balam who asks her if she wants to renew the ancient covenant. Balam complains about being driven out of a position of godhood, that the cycle of life also needs decay and famine. Yet the inquisition who has also been very powerful has managed to seal Balam below this temple here. Balam asks her what she desires, and she replies that desires Chauntea's power since her worship gets no respect. But she doesn't intend to share the power with Balam.

Balam also offers her his power as a new mistress of famine once he's freed since he has to deal with some enemies in the nine hells. He's especially wary of Mammon, his father, because he doesn't like sharing power and has even killed his offspring to absorb their power before.



Dalelands, Session 47

Extinguishing the fire sadly does not turn off the flame barrier in the hallway. So the group decide to deal with the drow witch first who has encourage the matron into taking over these cellars.

The witch declares her plans for the surface world. She has happened on the prison of the Bringer of Famine and plans to unleash him on the unsuspecting surface dwellers. She conjures up a flame wall which holds back the attackers and motions her two tiefling skeletons to attack.

Meanwhile a tiefling cleric in the background conducts a nefarious ritual over a portal which is filled by flames. Something seems to moving in the infernal fires…

Also she casts a hex on Nimue which will damage her everytime someone hurts one of her allies. Which is very painful since the adventurers don't really show any signs of holding back either.

The skeletons use cursed blades which wrest part of their victims' life force away to empower the tiefling cleric and the drow mage.

After her skeletons are overwhelmed, the witch moves the wall of fire backwards to protect her cleric's ritual. Kerrick's shots through the flames hit their mark however and hurt her badly. Nimue teleports through the flames after using them to damage herself.

The mage breaks her staff and tosses it through the wall which results in a major explosion which the group mostly survives intact. Without her staff the mage soon dies and the cleric follows her in death soon after.

Nimue holds the unholy rod into the flames in the portal and the magical energies lessen being drawn into the rod which forms a burning scepter which can be used as a sorcerer's implement.

The ritual scrolls detail the progress in unsealing Balam: apparently four of the five seals holding him have been broken. The cult seems to have had connections to the faith of Chauntea as well though it doesn't reveal much.

The drow seem to be all about restoring a position of power after getting kicked out of their city due to their Lolth worship when the city switched allegiance to the Raven Queen. Apparently Mort Morden has his hands in this as well as he has provided the Matron with a magical dagger and a black book which might help her control a freed Balam. Suddenly, a piece a metal detaches from one of the alcoves and flies towards the statuette the group found before: it is a sickle which somehow magically welds to the one of its hands!

The adventurers extinguish the magical fire behind the portal and prepare to visit the matron's chambers.




Dalelands, Session 46

Zelnaryn the drow leads the group down into a big cellar hall. A drow priestess works a spell on a fireplace to cut off a corridor behind the hall with a wall of fire. Two many armed skeletons with scimitars are guarding the opposite end of the big room. In the middle an orb lies on a pedestal which glows with a malevolent purplish hue. A magical fire burns on the pedestal on the left side.  

Entering the hall, the drow accompanying the adventures is hit by a purplish beam from the orb and collapses to the floor. More undeads come from the alcoves where the remains of long dead humanoids have been stored. The unholy glow in their eyes matches the orb's miasma indicating that the effect may be tied to the orb.

After brawling with the skeletons the orb takes another shot at Shiel, dropping him into a near death state. The skeletons keep the adventurers busy and new ones keep reforming in the corners of the hall. Thana's blade barrier destroys man of the mindless undead however.

The group try to use a crowbar to lift the orb out of the pedestal's mound but it refuses to budge. After several tries it crashes to the floor. That and the continued exposure to the blade barries seems to have damaged it beyond repair! The swirling energies it emits even tear through the blade barrier and absorb it. Shiel tries to roll the orb towards the last remaining skeleton. Is the distance to the impending doom enough?

A huge explosion shakes the room, but the adventurers escape mostly unscathed. Nimue finally uses the infernal rod she's found to douse the magical flame. The rod sucks in the flame's magical energy. It appears to be dedicated to Mammon, the archdevil of greed. Whatever could go wrong with giving even more power to an archdevil? There will be no repercussions for that obviously….

The graves seem very old and include the bones of tieflings as well. Thana grabs one of the old shields with a logo to have it identified later on. She also finds an infernal relic, a depiction of an ancient devil with a scythe. It may be an ancient adversary of Chauntea related to poverty and decay, Balaam, probably a servant of Mammon.

Dalelands, Session 45

One of Kerrick's new acquaintances, a fire genasi, takes the party through side alleys into a shady tavern which seems to double as a brothel. This chapter's name is the 'Scarlet Veil'.

They seem to be mostly bitter about the Dons' ever increasing share of their profits, especially Multimer seems to have raised his cut significantly lately. He has also disposed of several of the other Dons extending his influence with his allies, the drow. Also they agree to listen to each of the adventurers separately. 

Kerrick is asked about the kenkus' goals in the city and if the rumors are true that the kenkus are in league with demons. While Kerrick does not really deny it, he is proposed a share in the city's criminal underground, he'll have to pay a share of his earnings to the Scarlet Veil after the Dons are dealt with. Kerrick signs a magical treaty with the matron.

Nimue refuses to sign any treaties, yet the matron is very interested in her backstory. Nimue's assurance that she's only looking after the interests of the Mantle King and that she is searching for a sage in Harrowdale.

Thana is surprised that the matron knows about her background. Their discussion mostly circles around Kerrick. The matron remarks that Kerrick certainly is a valuable ally. Also she has bad news for Thana. Apparently the drow have their headquarters below the abandoned temple of Chauntea which she is planning to visit. A sizable contingent of the drows has been sent out to support Multimer who boasts a lot of resources and is most probably in the employ of the fake Mantle King. She refuses to act openly against the drow however. The matron suspects the drows to be outcasts since they've strayed from the Underdark for quite a while now.

Shiel agrees with the matron that taking care of the drows has the utmost priority, both to deprive Multimer of his allies and to free Chauntea's temple.

The matron's henchmen sneak the adventurers through Multimer's guards so they arrive at the temple unscathed. They use a passwall ritual to enter the temple through a side wall. Inside, the statue of Chauntea seems to have been toppled and replaced by twin statues of Lolth and Malar.

A drow priestess seems to be torturing some human prisoners, maybe some of Talos's lost soldiers. Several drow henchmen with crossbows are standing on the upper walkway. Shiel charges and pierces the drow priestess with his sword….who mocks him that the 'real Mantle King would like to make his acquaintance', then transforms into gibbering puddle of slime with a piercing central eye: a yochlol, one of Lolth's handmaidens, also a demon.

The drow guards quickly fall to Nimue's and Kerrick's attacks. Then the adventurers focus on the yochlol and surround it. The yochlol forms pseudopods and whips the group around it. Even covering everyone around it poisonous slime doesn't help as it is hacked apart.

A drow woman who declares herself secondborn of House Ulvrain from Shindelryn. She has a claw in place of one of her hands which supposedly has been hacked off at the order of her sister. She declares that she has weakened the guards to help them assist her in killing her elder sister and offers them access to the lower chambers where the drow are busy trying to break a ward spell.

Dalelands, Session 44

Kerrick tries to find a fence known to him, Dumik the Red. He is usually working for the Dons but not above dealing with other customers. Dumik has overseen Kerrick's 'education' and training. He does have bad new for Kerrick: Most of the people he sent to Ashabenfurt have been captured by the Dons and disposed of. Multimer, one of the chiefs, even has put a bounty on Kerrick's head!

Kerrick tells Dumik about Mort Morden and their plans to get rid of the Dons. Dumik tells him that Multimer has forbidden anyone in Ashabenfurt from visiting the Golden Ear of Corn, an abandoned temple of Chauntea since 'strange things are happening there'.

When Kerrick sneaks back out to gather more information he's set upon by several of his fellow thieves from the city. While they also share a dislike of the Dons, they still insist on him being their 'guest'. He tells them of his companions. The thieves want to keep him hostage until they can verify his words.

At the camp, his allies worry about his whereabouts. Nimue is decently sure that his disappearance isn't related to the Dons and she tells the others so, but refuses to lay bare his dealings with Pazuzu which doesn't exactly engender trust in the others. Talos tells him that a leader of the Dons is in town. At the east border of the town the group finds a tree with several kenku corpses hanging from it. Thana's inspection reveals that they seem to be dead for about two days. One of the kenkus even seems to have been plucked. They are all wearing an amulet with a dried raven's foot, not unlike the cursed on Kerrick found on the cemetary in Shadowdale. From below it appears that one of the corpses has a crossbow bolt embedded in its flesh. So Shiel climbs the tree but only manages to tumble down ripping the corpse down. A closer investigation appears that the corpse bears a tattoo much in the same design as the amulet.

People in town have taken notice of those efforts, including Kerrick's captors which release him. But apparently also unfriendly eyes and people are following the adventurers.

A detachment of ruffians corners the adventurers and identify themselves as agents of the Dons. They 'invite' the Mantle King and his entourage to dinner. They tell them that the dead kenkus were representatives of a northern guild which is rumored to be allied with demons so they made short work of them before they could spread any corruption.

Before the exchange goes any further Nimue hurls a lightning bolt at the speaker…which passes through him. Kerrick runs in disguised as warrior woman to rejoin the group.

The opposing warlock has weird rod with little horns, two riders and a few rogues on his side. Even though he teleports around with in bursts of hellfire and steals the abilities of his opponents, his infernal powers prove no match for the heroes. Talos displays his raw physical powers by cleaving a man on his horse in twain.

Kerrick's new acquaintances quickly squirrel the adventurers away before reinforcements can arrive.


Dalelands, Session 43

A griffon rider of the inquisitors wants to fly off to the Order of the Sword to report what happened at the trial. The group decides to follow since Thana still needs to acquire a piece of her relic which is supposedly held there.

Also close to the Order's headquarters is another location of notice: The old mansion of the previous Mantle King Aencars which lived there 250 years ago. The mansion has since fallen into disrepair and also is rumored to be cursed. The promise of untold riches hidden somewhere have prompted adventurers to risk their lives for a long time however.

Since the group all own flying mounts, they accompany the knight. He intends to take a stop near Ashabenfurt but the group decides to push onwards. No light is seen from Ashabenfurt which sounds strange. The knight isn't willing to bring himself into any danger since he has to deliver an important message about the death of the inquisitor after all!

Kerrick flies over the general area of Ashabenfurt's gate. He notices a heap of corpses which seem to have been guardsmen close to the gate.

Suddenly another figure topples out a window in the guardtower. Kerrick notices the figure of a dark elf darting through the shadows.

After the group lands, a melee starts with the drow using poisoned weapons. Kerrick meanwhile shoots a ballista bolt from the tower and one of the drows.

The drows are competent fighters and decently dangerous, but they don't stand a chance against the coordinated attacks of the adventurers. Suddenly, another body hits the pavement. After healing the grievous wounds of the civilian,  the group rushes upstairs.

Upstairs, a man in a golden armor is fighting a drow. The drow is quickly dispatched by Kerrick. The man in the golden armor introduces himself as Talos, which is the name of the dead god of storms, a usually malevolent deity. He explains that the paladins of the Order often take the names but don't always follow the outlook of their namesakes. He is in town since he's heard that the fake Mantle King has allied with the Dons. But apparently he's also allied with the drow who have dispatched most of the knights from the Order. Regarding how Helm is apparently trying to regain his godhood, Talos might be another example of gods reviving all other the land.

He allows the group access to their supplies which contains a few select magic items. Thana tries to heal and raise a few of the slain soldiers. Thana voices her interest in joining the Order of the Sword. Talos guesses that she's after the job of the inquisitor. He advises her that she'd need to choose the name of one of the old slain gods of the pantheon.




Dalelands, Session 42

Kerrick is still pondering how to substitute some poor victim for Sashesh in the upcoming execution. So he turns to Pazuzu for aid. A little gift of his blood has to suffice as an offering. Pazuzu is out for blood apparently, as he suggests replacing the witch with a demon and burning down the inquisition members once and for all.

All Kerrick has to do is bring the cleric to the summoning circle in the cellar. Thana meanwhile inhales some holy incense smoke to get in touch with her goddess. Thana complains about the unfairness of the trial to Chauntea. Suddenly a figure clothed in white appears and introduces himself as Helm, the all-seeing god of justice. Even though Helm the god is dead, he seems to be working on reclaiming his godhood. At the moment he is the most elated paladin of the Order of the Sword. He seems very interested in Thana having such an intimate relationship with her goddess.

Helm also warns that evil forces are on the verge of freeing the dark cleric. He also advises Thana that there's always a third way in regards to a fair judgment. She is provided the use of old scriptures of law to find a solution for her dilemma. She also reads that hardliner parts of the inquisition even keep watch on Chauntea as one of the questionable faiths since it's pretty current.

Meanwhile Jhaele warns Shiel that her supporters have found a dead guardsman and that someone is trying to free Sashesh. Shiel intends to speak to Scott Harikon and ask for more guardsman, he also asks Jhaele to provide more of her men for the job.

Thana contacts Sashesh from her dream to offer her her life in exchange for abdicating her dark faith and switching to the worship of Helm which would deprive her of most of her power but at least alive. Sashesh's other option is being burned at the stake at the moment, so she is about to agree…

…just when Mort Morden and Kerrick intrude to free her. Mort has killed a guardsman and is trying to cause confusion by summoning another blood well which he describes as a portal to the realm of Bhaal.

Thana notices Sashesh fading from her dream and notified Shiel who runs over to the prison with Scott Harikon and his men. He also takes Nimue along. Thana's attempt to contact [[:kerric

Kerrick poses as Munroe but is recognized by Nimue who tells some of the guardsmen to help her deal with the blood well. Shiel has an inspiration and decides to check out the old brothel, Sister Tara's old hideout. His sword seems to point him this way.

Kerrick offers his second favor which he can get from Pazuzu to create a doppleganger demon looking like Sashesh in the circle while he and Mort flee through a secret door with the unconscious Sashesh slung over Mort's shoulder. Unluckily the secret door does not close completely so some of the soldiers are still hot in pursuit. 

Nimue's research of the magical circle doesn't yield much information, she thinks someone may have intended to sacrifice Sashesh in exchange for dark powers. 

On the next day, the inquisition has started the trial. Alosios is frothing at the mouth as he recounts Sashesh many misdeeds, most of them true. When he sentences her to die by fire, Shiel asks her if she doesn't want to say anything for herself. Sashesh spits in front of his feet.

So the burning commences. Suddenly a booming laughing voice declares the inquisitors to be fools and that Shadowdale will burn! Sashesh is consumed by the flames and turns into a giant burning demonic figure!

She roasts the head inqusitor with a beam of fire! Thana takes a swig of her potion of divinity even though people have warned her that she may be drawing power from Chauntea forcefully.

The people run away screaming as it begins incinerating the immediate area. Kerrick tries to assassinate Haresk Mallorn in the confusion but the panicking people disrupt his crossbow shots.

Thana sees through the creature that it is basically just feeding on Sashesh while it burns and will run wild until Sashesh's life has burned away to nothingness. Most of the villagers have fled. The giant monstrosity seems to be mostly impervious to damage.

Nimue tries to reach the ritual circle to find a way to suppress the demon while Shiel tries to contain the damage by keeping it in the middle of the village.

The ritual disruption seems to be a success and the holy powers of the paladins' weapons seem to affect the fire elemental. Thana's repeated dips into Chauntea's power finally give her enough divine force to melt down the remains of the fire elemental. Sashesh, not surprisingly, has burnt to a crisp meanwhile.

The remaining members of the Order's inquisition invite Thana to accompany them to their headquarters since they're awed by her display of divine power.




Dalelands, Session 41

After the victory Baim sets about reclaiming his father's mines which will involve draining the lower levels of water. He also swears fealty to the Mantle King and also promises generous prices for the dwarven weapons once the forges are lit again.

Back in Daggerfall Nimue tells Lyra about Umberlee's death and that she thinks that the potion of Divinity steals divine energy from the gods. Also she warns that the Wild Hunt is probably out there hunting for the parties responsible.

Thana learns that the inquisition of the Order of the Sword has come to Shadowdale about to hold a witch trial against the former arch chancellor's wife, the cleric of Bane. They've managed to close to demonic gate below Shadowdale and are now out for the blood of people allying with dark forces. 

Kerrick in the meantime meets up with Mord Morden to check up on the halfling's progress in getting rid of his opponents. He hands Kerrick the bone dagger and asks him to get rid of Kesla which he has captured saying that, "he will deal only with other murderers". Kerrick obliges him and offs Kesla with his own obsidian dagger. Mord Morden tells Kerrick that his business is concluded here and that he'll go to Ashabenfurt next since he has a contract to kill off the Dons. Apparently there'll be some vacancies for entrepreneurs to move in once the deed is done. Kerrick tries to leave the current business in Tara's hands. Before she can demand some signs a deeper…commitment Kerrick hurriedly departs.

Shiel confers with Rondra who suggests to visit Shadowdale to form a tighter bond with the local rebels led by Jhaerle. Apparently the inquisitors have been busy and are preparing the burning of Shashesh, cleric of Bane for betrayal of the Dalelands and abetting the Zhentarim. The son of the arch chancellor and the chancellor himself have apparently been cleared of guilt. Ilthond's magic portal connects to the Tower of Ashaba thus the party gets there in time for the trial.

The guards at the church want to deny the adventurers the entry to the court room but Shiel rebukes them so they are let inside. One of the order who introduces himself as a priest of Helm. He staggers back after verifying Thana's divine connection. After annoying the Inquisitor Alosius Shiel is asked to sit down on the front bench. Lhaeo brings the proof of Shashesh's guilt from the arch chancellor's treasury which the group previously uncovered.

Mord in the back of the court room appears in a vision to Kerrick and asks him to get the arch chancellor to pay for Shashesh's crimes instead. A dark cleric on their side might prove a useful asset. Kerrick approaches Jambal Icehyll who Mord has revealed to take a coin or two on the side to look the other way. Jambal doesn't seem disinclined to receive a little bonus on his pay either.

Outside, Nimue is talking to Scott Harikon about the inquisition. It usually is independant, but Harikon warns that it has a political agenda. The inquisitor presiding over the tribunal seems to be a friend of the arch chancellor as well.

Thana asks for a halt of the trial since she hasn't had the time necessary to sift through all the documents provided to her. Alosius is not amused but has no choice to reschedule to the next day.

The adventurers confer with Targen Mallorn, the son of the chancellor who describes his father as a naive man easily tempted by womanly wiles and riches. In the documents Thana finds a clue that links Sashesh to the Triskelian group which means some of the missing refugees may have ended up as slaves.

Kerrick receives the intel he wanted from Jambal Icehyll. It consists of a chapter book of the Treskeden merchant coster which shows that Haresk Mallorn definitely once led the business himself.

Thana visits Sashesh in her cell trying to get some proof about Haresk's involvement. Sashesh claims wanting revenge on the Treskeden for betraying her. Also the inquisitor is supposed to be in the organisation's pocket which may explain Haresk's sudden not guilty verdict. Sashesh offers Thana the location of the leader of a different coster in exchange for her life. That coster is supposed to have been erased by Treskeden, but their leader is in the hands of the Dons.





Dalelands, Session 40

The inspection of Nimue's corpse reveals that she doesn't only have deep wounds at the back. Her heart is missing as well, according to Thana's research she has been (un)dead for a long time. This is probably the result of the high priest's ritual which he has performed. Mourim confirms the evil ceremonies usually include hearts being forcibly removed from their host bodies.

In the feywild a lightning bolt hits the ground. Nimue steps outside, scaring a poor Satyr who had been playing on his pipes. Several weird winged beings fly around. One masked man with two hellhounds introduces himself as the "Master of the Hunt". He tells her that a Wild Hunt has been declared. The feywild is preparing to fight back against the hordes of the Devourer. To join the hunt as an heir to the storm, Nimue has to choose a mount to ride into battle now that an arch fey has been slain.

Back with the party Baim celebrates the retaking of his father's mines. His exultation is short-lived however as hordes of demons swarm into the caves. The adventurers have to flee.

Finally they make it outside of a side entrance to the mines. Sadly a horde of hellspawn is waiting for them. Suddenly overhead Nimue's wild horde arrive and begin engaging the demons. Eladrin riders join giant eagles in their assault. 

Finally a huge demon which the party has been fleeing from bursts out of the mine entrance. He has the body of a sea serpant but with scaly arms which end in a mass of horrid tentancles. The demon recognizes Kerrick's dealings with Pazuzu. Pazuzu also designates him as a target which has to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Chaos erupts as the heroes, the forces of feywild, Baim's dwarf platoon and the demons join the frey. The big pisco demon controls the minds of the fighters around them causing them to hit their allies in confusion.

The wild horde wreaks havoc on the demons, and the pisco demons are heavily pressured by the adventurers and their dwarf allies. Eventually the big pisco demon collapses after taking many wounds and the allied forces are victories.

The Master of the Hunt introduces himself as Oran and tells them that Umberlee is dead. When Shiel asks how Nimue's return is possible (with her previous corpse still around) Oran suggests that the heroes visit Nimue's father, the wise man of Scardale the group has heard about. His name is Laurish Samprey.

The wild hunt is off searching for demons after providing winged mounts for the adventurers. The party decides to burn Nimue's previous body in fear that some evil force may possess it sooner or later.



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