Dalelands, Session 26

Meat & Mayhem

Below the tavern the innkeeper soon reveals his true colors. He's turning into a purplish pale humanoid demon with sharp claws. In his infernal kitchen which is full of repulsive ingredients like humanoid body parts, he tells the group about his previous gastronomic ventures. He also confesses to having enjoyed Ariton's aide's meat.

The group, repulsed, decides to attack. He has two quasits hovering around. Each of those spew out larger reddish demons with wings (called Neldrazns) which teleport Thana and Nimue away from the group.

After one of the quasits falls to the attacks of the rest of the adventures they hurry to assist Thana against the other quasit and neldrazn. The neldrazns prove quite resilient and try to teleport the party apart to the demonic blood fountains in hopes of dunking them into the gushing blood.

A group consisting of the harper agent, Mourim and Shiel try to bring down on of the neldrazns but only manage to trade blows with the demon.

The other quasit has long since been slain while the harper lodges an arrow in the second neldrazn's brain, fatally wounding it.

Only the purplish demon remains. Suddenly his gaping maw engulfs Thana and wolfs her down! Shortly thereafter Shiel finishes him off, but that doesn't bring back Thana!! Even carving into the soft belly of the demons and performing a discectomy on the demon's corpse doesn't reveal her. Meanwhile the fountains behind start gushing blood wildly which starts covering the dungeon floor.

Thana calls on Chauntea's help with a holy aura. Suddenly she's ejected from a portal behind the archway. The blood meanwhile is filling the room up to meter high. Luckily Kerrick discovers a secret door which leads to the sewers.



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