Dalelands, Session 21

Toppling Tower

On the top floor the group finally catches up with Sister Tara and the kenku pirates. Sadly they seem to be working together.  Their tale that they had wanted revenge on her apparently has been nothing other than a ruse.

Tara demands that the Sword of the Dales to be handed to her so she can destroy it in the magical circle in the middle of the room to recall Gothyl from the abyss and increase her power manyfold. An ominous stone statue of Pazuzu is towering on the other side of the room.

Suddenly Kerrick notices that Blooddrinker's hilt is suddenly looking a bit like the one of the Sword of the Dales. So the group hands over the wrong blade wrapped in cloak. Nimue throws it into the circle. The evil ritual book which Tara uses seems to be powerful enough to even destroy the profane artifact! A portal opens in the circle and tentacles burst from the floor entangling several of the kenku pirates. Tara is searching frantically in her book for a way to stop this while the statue of Pazuzu seems to be slowly disintegrating! The golem is announcing that the Zhentarim are advancing from below.


Nimue flies over to Tara and wrests the book from her. Shiel commands the golem to free some of the unlucky kenku from the tentacles and shouts for everyone to escape downstairs. The Zhents however are just running up the stairs. Some of the tentacles make a part of the tower walls collapse with their thrashing. Tara flies over to the hole and curses at the party. Sadly she is grabbed by one of the tentacles and pulled back before she can fly to safety with her astral wings. The group cautiously moves closer to the hole in the wall, eventually even freeing Tara from the tentacles which she uses to fly out of the hole. Some of the kenkus make it outside, some are crushed by the tentacles. Since they are not able to fly a few fall to their deaths.

Nimue tosses the book into the devourer's mouth which hastens the destruction of the tower, the mouth is even gushing blood! Yuck!


The group has reached the hole as well and starts their climb down. Kerrick slips and tumbles down. Instead of dying he calls on Pazuzu's power who provides him with black wings to break his fall. Luckily there will be no repercussions for that obviously…

With the Mentor's help Shiel gets down safely on the ground. The group flees from the collapsing and exploding tower. The search for the kenku turns up only a corpse or two but a few treasures are found in the tower ruins.

The party prepare to return to Stormpenhauder to heal up. On the way back they find one of the captured Zhentarim whose corpse is hanging from a tree. Apparently Horrick hasn't been able to contain his hatred of the 'dirty Zhents'.

At Stormpenhauder the party is greeted by the mayor and most of the village. Horrick is a bit miffed that Thana reproaches him for killing his helpless captive. Darian reveals that he doesn't really want to follow Chauntea's teaching. Rather he reveals that he's one of the last acolytes of Tymora, the goddess of luck. He just wanted to know more about the 'old faiths'. He has some good news for Thana however. In Shadowdale, the temple of Tymora houses "something she needs". He even hands her the key to the abandoned temple!

Mourim is suffering from the demonic corruption however and seems to be beyond help. The Mentor however reveals that he is really an exalted from Mount Celestia and can help Mourim. This however would drain his remaining strength and leave him unable to revisit this plane for one hundred years! He finally makes that sacrifice, asking the group to tell his great granddaughter, Rondra Morn. Mourim recovers. The next destination will be Shadowdale and its abandoned temple of Tymora.





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