Dalelands, Session 19

Rakshasas & Rituals

The party arrives on the forth floor of the tower. Strangely they seem to be on a grassy plains where an army of orcs and other monsters is facing and army of dalesmen. The witch Gothyl seems to be leading the massive horde which outnumbers the dalespeople by about two to one. Thana knows of the conflict which happened hundreds of years ago which ended with Gothyl's death. But she managed to take the Mantled King with her.

Sadly Shiel seems to embody the Mantled King here. Gothyl for some reason seems to be hellbent on delivering justice on the Mantled King and to destroy the symbol of his rulership, the Sword of the Dales. When Shiel reproaches her for leading an army of monsters and asks what injustice he has visited on others, Gothyl orders her army to attack!

In the first moments of combat the orcs are cutting a bloody path through the defenders. Thana places down a holy area which heals wounded allies and damages the attackers which stay in it. Kerrick meanwhile has snuck behind enemy lines and tries to get at Gothyl who keeps pelting him with harmful spells. 

Thana, while looking at Shiel who stands in Glimmer's light sees the shadow of a tiger creature, a rakshasa which she recognizes being a deva. Nimue's spell allows Shiel to fly at Gothyl and deliver to her slash charged with psionic energies.

Gothyl explodes, black shards also take Shiel down. Thana heals him and asks him about any recollectings of being a rakshasa but he can't provide any answers. Does this mean Shraevyn has been replaced by a rakshasa at some point? Thana seems distracted, troubled by memories or the lack of them. She pulls out and fiddles a Faerie Puppet that had caught her eye on a market in Shadow Dale. Somehow there is a connection.

In any case, Hedistrin suggests actually travelling downstairs since the group somehow jumped from the first to the forth floor. Mage towers……

A floor down the group happens on a scene of Hedistrin getting ready to summon Pazuzu. Dark shadows coalesce into a winged creature. Apparently he is only visible to Kerrick. Pazuzu offers Kerrick riches and female companions, all for helping him by saving Sister Tara. Kerrick tries to weasel around promising to help the demon directly.

Suddenly, the scene which has unfolded restarts and the group witnesses Hedistrin talk to Pazuzu. Pazuzu reveals to her that her husband has not been himself lately…literally. He's been replaced by an ancient creature which harbors a deep hatred for elves.


Also Hedistrin wants to know what her husband has done to her. Pazuzu tells her that he has needed her psionic powers and thus tied her soul to the sword. To sever that bond, Hedistrin would have to travel to the 230th layer of the Abyss.

Apparently Hedistrin has turned into Gothyl not long after. The group visits another scene where a demon tells her about the impending demon attack on Myth Drannor. Also it delights her that her husband will be there defending the city.

Nimue notes that all the past stories may be lies shown by Pazuzu. She suggests capturing Sister Tara to get the truth out of her. 



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