4th level Revenant Storm Sorceress


(art by Sandra Duchiewicz, click the image for a link to her Artstation presence)


(mini painted by our DM, photo by myself, under a CC license, follow the link to see details)

As a revenant sea elf, Nimue’s blue skin is covered by a strange pattern of pearly-white patches in the form of an intricate tattoo. She is slim, to the point of fragile, but her red eyes betray her determination and resilience.

Having grown more bold and trusting in the poeple she met, Nimue mostly wears her cloak open now. She dares show her face, even in the precence of clerics and paladins. She often seems impatient and angry, yet she would not harm her friends.


Nimue was born as a sea elf in a small, secluded settlement of sea elves and wood elves in and around Sember Lake. She met Shiel on an old elven path deep in the woods near Sember Lake, and joined his ill-fated caravan on a trip to highmoon.

During their first combat encounter it became obvious, that she was not only an elf (and elves are hated by Horrick)), but also an undead, a revenant. She has showed her skills as a storm sorceress to defend her allies and oppose evil, and explicitely expressed her will to destroy those evil, they encounter.

Nimue holds admiration for Thana, the deva cleric of Chauntea, whom they met in the ruins of the Golden Ear of Corn, where they were ambushed by goblins. She even lent her cape to the cleric, despite feeling exposed without it – but definitely less exposed than Thana at that time. Witnessing the awakening of the deva by the hands of Chauntea herself reminded Nimue, that there was hope for this world.

Nimue has escaped from Lake Sember, where she lived with the sea elves supressed by Sahuagin and forced to worship The Devourer. The sea elves were organized in the Silver Order, a “church” established by the Sahuagin. Over time the sea elves would slowly turn into those monsters and leave for the depths. If they failed to comply, bad fortune would befall them.

Nimue was to be sacrificed, for having contacts to an agent of Umberlee, who spoke toher of freedom, but when the ritual was executed, a great storm destroyed the surrounding shore. Nimue awoke on the shore, away from the sea, being a revenant. She has no idea, if The Devourer is to blame for her fate or Umberlee, or pure chance, but she has started to doubt the supreme power of the Devourer when she survived. Having lost her affinity for the water, she sometimes curses her new existence, and though she speaks of herself as a “chosen”, she doesn’t mean that term positively. Among her people, the chosen were those to be taken by the Sahuagin …


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