4th level Kenku Rogue


Picture by Robjenx

Kerrick is a Kenku, a rare sight in the Dalelands.
He is bit smaller than the average human and has dark gray plumage that shimmers blue.
For someone not familiar with Kenku it is hard to read his expressions or estimate his age.

His weapons of choice consist of rapier and hand crossbow hidden in his unremarkable cloak, which also contains some thieving equipment like caltrops and lockpicks.

Kerrick’s behavior witnessed by the players so far can be described as opportunistic, killing helpless enemies or looking for valuables to steal when unwatched.
His survival instincts also made him flee when he saw himself outnumbered.

He also uses trickery to gain an advantage: Blatantly lying paired with mimicry and his power to disguise himself as any human.


So far Kerrick has not revealed much from his past to the rest of the party.
When our heroes met him in Ashabenford, he was thrown out of an inn for working on his own and not for the Don, later, in a conversation, he mentioned that he was only met with prejudice against Kenku in Ashabenfurt.
When asked by Thana where he is from and what his destination is, he answered unspecifically that he hails from the southern Dalelands and that he wants to go “North”.
As a reason he evasively stated wanderlust.


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