Red Mage of Thay


Affiliation: None
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Dalelands, Session 09

Ilthond is a mage which is the advisor to Rondra Morn in the ways of the arcane. He’s highly arrogant and always speaks his mind. Diplomacy is not his strong suit.
Captured together with Rondra Morn by the Zhentarim, he chose to work for people who “won’t leave him behind and value his talents”.

After he reappeared in the Daggerdale dungeons working for the Red Hand he confessed to Kerrick that he basically only works for himself. He has an interest in a new Mantle King being crowned in the dales since it would also be in the interest of Thay.
He offers the group to help them fight the leaders of the Zhentarim in Daggerdale.


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