Dalelands, Session 17

A Zhentish Interlude

Further along in the caverns the group happens on a drow patrol who mutter something about 'damned spider worshippers'. Apparently Madarn knows them, they appear to be among his regular customers. The drows are wearing black mantles adorned with feathers. The drow introduces himself as Ma'arth. He and his group are now worshipping the Raven Queen. His house had been helped by adventurers to overthrow the rule of Lolth. 

First, they had adopted Kelemnvor as their god, who has been replaced by the Raven Queen when a large group of svirfneblin have brought the belief to them. Now, the drow and svirfneblin are living together in peace in a larger settlement. 

The drow are on their way to Maerimydra, a fallen drow settlement to uncover clues about a weird plague. Salt water lakes are appearing underground, apparently pisco demons have been sighted and Ma'arth fears a demonic incursion from the Abyss. Also the Tower of Dreams is said to be infested by demons as well according to their matriarch, Narseth.

The group obtains a map of the planned drow advance camp near Myth Drannor and a writing describing them as allies. Madarn is sent back to his hometown to send the kenku pirates to the Tower of Dreams while the party takes a more direct approach, approaching the current tower location from below.

When they leave the caverns however they happen on a Zhentarim camp. Trying to spook their horses misfires, so the group has lost the element of surprise.


Their leader blocks Kerrick's first attack but the group quickly rushes in and a wild melee, interrupted by the occational windstorm from Nimue.

The Zhentarim prove no match for the adventurers' onslaught and are quickly overwhelmed. The group decide to let one of them live for further questioning and tie him up.




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