Dalelands, Session 16

Monsters: 2 Brains: 1/2

Eragyn doesn't waste much time and lets her ettercap guards relieve her prisoners of their weapons. Their leaders, a minotaur named Brak and a gnoll named Ed try (semi successfully) to separate male and female prisoners into the cells. Their weapons are thrown carelessly into a big chest in the middle of the corridor.

Kerrick uses his mask to disguise as Eragyn, he does have to get rid of his clothes first. He manages to trick Ed and Brak telling them that 'the bird has escaped'. They run off to search in another part of the 'palace'. WIN_20170424_19_26_33_Pro Kerrick opens the chest with the looted equipment, but sadly Glimmer is ALSO confused by the disguise and starts blasting him.

The two ettercap guards which investigate the commotion quickly see through his magical disguise however and rush him. He manage to severely wound one of them with his crossbow and to open Thana's cell door.

Eragyn, disturbed by the commotion opens the door to the corridor just after Nimue has been released from her cell. She has Mourim's blade in her hands and her eyes are pitch black. Unhealthy looking veins criss-cross over her body. Eeep.

Even worse, she impales and down Thana with one thrust with Blooddrinker. Finally, the rest of the group manages to open Shiel's cell door. Shiel dashes out, grabs a fallen guard's mace and runs up to Thana to revive her with some emergency aid which works.

Eragyn's face is contorted with bestial rage and even her teeth look almost shark-like! Kerrick manages to kill the remaining ettercap guard, while Eragyn stabs Shiel with a savage slash.

Ed returns with bad news that the bird is still at large. He is fooled once again by Kerrick who still looks like his mistress to rush his mistress which looks a lot more bestial right now. Anyone confused yet? Ed sure is!

Shiel uses the confusion and grabs Nimue's dagger and his sword from the chest. His attempt to slide the dagger over to Nimue falls short by a few squares.

Eragyn doesn't distinguish between friend and foe anymore and impales poor Ed. She lacerates the group with vicious slashes. Only Kerrick really causes serious damage while Thana keeps healing the horrible injuries Eragyn inflicts.

Finally, Eragyn is mortally wounded and explodes in a fountain of ichor. The exhausted group frees their captive comrades which are also still poisoned by the spider bites and then proceeds to secure Eragyn's magical items.

Mourim is also rescued though heavily sedated. Shiel recovers his armor while Nimue pockets Blooddrinker and tucks it safely into some heavy wrappings.

Now it's just escaping the temple in one piece!









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