Dalelands, Session 15

Death by Snu-Snu

The party frantically tries to get inside to prevent the ettercaps from mauling the helpless Nimue. Thana torches the next ensnaring her burning Nimue in the process. The ettercaps spear wielders cause a lot of damage with their thrown weapons.

From behind, the spiderlings crawl towards the back of the group and sink their fangs into Kerrick who promptly dispatches most of them.

Shiel blocks a spear meant for Thana before one of the ettercaps throws a web which covers the entire entrance. It's hard to move in it, some of the attackers are even entangled so they cannot move.

Nimue keeps causing localized winds inside the entrance which tear at the spider-like creatures. After two of the spear wielders are slain, the rest of the ettercaps retreat, closing a wall behind them.

Nimue finds a scrollcase in the wreckage and Madarn rewards the group with some money for their troubles after he cuts apart the spiders.

The walls contain some runes that detail that the mechanism at the entrance was originally intended to keep the creatures of the underdark at bay.

After opening the entrance the party reaches a large hall. At the end of the hall a statue of Malar sits on a huge pedestal. The walls are littered with cocoons probably containing the spiders' victims. Sadly the huge fiendish dire spider which has kidnapped Mourim is sleeping on the wall. Shiel tries to cut free one of the victims, but the cocoon emits a cloud of spider hatchlings. While he is stomping the little spiders, their mother awakens and seems mightily enraged. Combat ensues.

Kerrick charges the spiders and cuts it deeply before it traps him and Shiel in a large web which it spits at the two frontline fighters. Even though it attacks with a flurry of legs and bites it doesn't deal decisive damage to the melee fighters and has to retreat slowly spitting out a new net while it crawls backwards.


It digs into the stairs which are leading up to the pedestal. After Kerrick and Shiel hurt it badly enough it stomps onto the floor which makes two columns collapse.

The huge spider's eyes flare red and Shiel suddenly collapses, woozy from the spider venom! At the same moment, the back line collapses under a hail of sleep darts.

A wild elf woman, accompagnied by spiders enters the hall and inquires how the adventurers could dare defile the temple of Malar. The little spiders overwhelm the party's allies. The woman tells them that she has to sacrifice a man to Malar each month, apparently she's chosen Mourim as a suitable candidate.

Nimue offers her Blooddrinker, Mourim's cursed blade as a recompense. The wild elf demands one of the men as a tribute, the others will be able allowed to leave if she also gets the sword. After all, it's a holy day according to her, Eragyn the Dark, priestess of Malar.

Nimue relinquishes Blooddrinker to Eragyn who orders them to follow her to "their quarters".









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