Dalelands, Session 14

Those dirty Pirates!

The party reaches Stormpenhauder, Madarn's hometown. The head of the city introduces himself as Telimas Dreamweaver, a cleric of Sehanine Moonbow. When asked why they are worshipping an elvish goddess, he answers that they need her protection in  this hostile territory. Since then the town has prospered.


Apparently Tara has indeed visited the town before like Madarn told them, and she's left a flock of annoying kenku. Kerrick recognizes them as Peke Redcliffe's band of pirates which have sailed upstream from Sembia. He uses his power of mimicry to pose as a human barmaid.

The pirates don't seem to be allied with Tara after all. In fact they're after her since she's stolen part of their booty including a spellbook of great power. Ilthond seems to have been one of their customers and has been supposed to buy the book from them. The pirates suspect that Tara has been responsible for sabotaging their ship so they have had to go on land. She has shortly afterwards made her escape with the book. Kerrick tells them that she isn't really a kenku after all. The pirates have never seen her as anything else though. They have had some run-ins with the Dons though in which they have lost half of their crew.

Thana asks Telimas about the vivid nightmares several of the group have had since Sehanine also governs the dreams. Only Shiel agrees to tell him about his nightmare when asked. Telimas identifies the old creature as an Obyrith who once governed the upper layers of the abyss until they were betrayed by lower demons and mostly eradicated by the Tanar'ri.

Telimas tells the adventurers that a lot of the villagers have started having nightmares involving a dark tower in the forest surrounded by flying creatures. After mentioning Pazuzu Talimas tells them that he also joined the Tanar'ri in betraying their old masters. Also he's known to offer his aid to mortals for a terrible price usually involving their corruption. He's attracted by people with pure intentions. 

Telimas also examines Mourim's sword, Blooddrinker. He thinks that is possessed by a Loumara, a spectral demon kind from the 230th layer of the Abyss who are created by fraying dreams of dead gods.

When asked why he has such detailed knowledge, he tells them that he was visited by 'The Mentor', a mysterious figure from the Order of the Sword who has told him that even though most gods are dead, the power of belief still carry weight in this world. Mourim may be held close to the Melis'har lake in the old ruins. Worried about Nimue's brother the group stocks up on antitoxins and heads out to the lake…

At the edge of the lake the party finds the ruins of some elven (drow(?)) manor, but it seems to have been been destroyed long ago. The columns in front of the manor only seem to have been recently destroyed, perhaps a few months ago. They seem to have been constructed a long time later than the rest of the ruins. They are also covered with protective runes indicating worshippers of Sehanine. Now they are rubble close to the entrance gate though. Spider tracks of impressive size cover the area in front of the entrance which itself is walled off with a giant spider web.

When Nimue applies a torch to it the web burns quickly. The group hears mental cries of anguish when it burns. In the rubble Thana finds a blessed mace which carries the runes of the Mentor. Madarn confirms that the old man left in this direction. The destruction of the columns indicates a battle of epic proportions which must have taken place a long time ago.

Nimue enters the gate and is greeted with a giant web which drops down on her. Ettercaps scurry out of the inside to attack!



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