Dalelands, Session 12

Swords & Skeletons

Searching the remaining corridor, the party finds yet another big chamber. Judging by two highly decorated coffins it may indeed be the resting place of Shraevyn and his wife.

A huge skeleton and some smaller, but burning skeletons guard the chamber. The big skeleton which is near the entrance remains motionless when Shiel enters but instantly charges Nimue when she squeezes past him. Apparently the key the guardians bestowed on Shiel has made him appear as a non threatening target. The huge skeletal guardian grabs Nimue  and grabs her.


Nimue twists out of the creature's grip however. The flaming skeletons pelt the group with flaming spheres which they shoot from their fingertips. Thana reinforces the groups defenses however so even being set ablaze doesn't hurt them.

Kerrick nimbly darts up to the lumbering guardian and slashes him in the side before retreating. Rondra and Shiel work on the creature which seems to be able to take a lot of punishment. The skeletal guardian pummels Shiel and throws him around like a ragdoll but a lot of his damage is mitigated by Thana's holy aura.

Several critical hits finally lay the large skeleton to its final(?) rest. The party charges to get at the flaming skeletons who have continued to assault them from afar.


Checking out the coffins reveals that one of them is empty. It is the smaller of the two which is covered in elven symbols and paintings of a sword. This coffin can be opened but seems to be empty. Kerrick pries off some of the jewels decorating the lid.

On the other bigger coffin lies a jewel encrusted sword. Rondra tries to grab it but is shocked by a green lightning bolt which the sword emits.

Ilthond also notices a portal at the end of the hall which looks like it has melted through the wall, but not quite. He senses the vibrations of the Astral Sea behind it.

Meanwhile, Shiel with the key in hand, tries touching the blade. In a vision he sees an elven woman which calls herself Hedistrin, the wife of Shraevyn. She doesn't know if she's a ghost or projection. Apparently the sword has accepted him as its wielder for now.

Suddenly there's a commotion outside. A guardsman from outside stumbles in and warns about a larger approaching force of Zhentarim which are currently entering the grave! Luckily, Hedistrin knows a secret way out. Rondra decides to stay behind to buy the group to escape.

After making good their escape, the group decides to investige Shraevyn's Wandering Tower. Hedistrin affirms the tomb guardians' advice that both Shraevyn's key and the Sword of the Dales are needed to enter it. The sword is needed because Hedistrin can pinpoint the Tower's current location. And the key which is formed like a small pyramid is of course needed to gain access it.

Hedistrin locates the tower in the Spider Haunt woods which lie south of Shraevyn's tomb, so the group embarks on a quest to find it.






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