Dalelands, Session 62

The old man introduces him as Halfgar the Strong, one of the "Seven Burghers" of Harrowdale, also a hunter of corsairs and pirates. The Seven Burghers are the leaders of Harrowdale, usually comprised of the wealthiest people. At the moment, two places seem vacant as both the elvish leader and Helena Treskeden who apparently took her on some kind of excavation have gone missing.

At the meet the group gets to know Shira of the Golden Leaf, another one of the Burghers of Harrowdale, another elf.

Reports of Helena Treskeden's disappearance seem to be premature however as a figure in ragged red mage robes bursts into the hall and claims to have escaped from the sea elf caves. Kara, the elf leader, accompanied by a gnome archologist and her had searched for elf artifacts, but Helena suspects that Kara's true objective might have been the Ruler's Blade, the sword of the King of Myth Drannor when it fell.

Horace is apparently the sea mage's apprentice so the group asks him to point them the way to his master's tower.

The group also hears the story behind the strained relations of some of the elves and humans. A human warlord named Halvan the Dark led an army against the wood, killing hundreds of elves. He wanted to take Myth Drannor, but the elves have turned the forest against the humans. Their army failed in their assault and disappeared in the woods.

Kerrick meanwhile talks to the kenku pirates led by one Captain Teredict. Kerrick tells him about losing his flock in the battle against Multimer. They tell him to beware of Helena Treskeden who's on the same level as Multimer. They also mention Erethun Rivenstave who may be either an agent of the Zhentarim or dealing with Mulmaster. 

Halfgar takes the group to the tower of Semprey which is besieged by creatures of the Devourer. The group notices a large scale battle on top of the cliff on which the tower rests overlooking the sea.

After scaling the cliff/being carried up by airborne mounts the group engages the horde from the depths lead by a Knight of the Shadow Sea. Apparently the wizard has sent some water elementals and myrmidons from the tower to protect himself.

The knight corrupts one of the water elementals and turns it against the group. A blade barrier of Thana obliterates a lot of the sahaguin while Nefi thins their ranks as well.

The knight reels in Thana with some sort of harpoon attack to keep her close. Sadly he's a little cut off from his minions, thus the circle of attacks surrounding him soon includes Nimue, Shiel and Nefi who are wailing on him.

When he breathes his final gasp, he dissolves into noxious creatures which scurry over the road.

Finally, Semprey appears on top of his tower, ready to face his enemies…..which are no more.



Dalelands, Session 61

Thana recalls the Githyanki warship which her devils had taken to Dis to get repaired. Jezebel who has taken the former captain's body commands the ship which has been outfitted with a heavy ballista. The ship is steered via the power of a mind. A psionic crown is used to commandeer the vessel.

On the seas a great shark races towards the ship. Kerrick fires the harpoon cannon at him and squarely hits him. The shark doesn't stop however but speeds towards the ship and jumps at it, transforming into a shark/humanoid hybrid!

Then he continues his transformation into a sea elf and jumps on board. He warns the group that sahaguin are attacking Harrowdale, a lot of them to boot. So the group should not travel there.

He's a bit confused by the Sembian flag the group took along to confuse enemies since Sembia is highly likely allied with the fake Mantle King. He also tells them off the sage of the town which is being attacked which sounds suspiciously like Nimue's lost father(?).

Arriving at the harbor town the party sees it is indeed being attacked by a sahaguin force. All around the docks fighting has broken out. Several sahaguin slavers are carrying nets to drag their victims into the sea. They seem to be led by a larger sahaguin with golden armor plates. Also a water elemental is swirling around the arriving ship.

Kerrick notices that one of the boats is being manned by kenku pirates, possibly the ones which the party has already met. Nefi is manning the ballista. The water elemental tries to sweep the adventurers off the ship but most of the people can hold on. Kerrick and Nimue have flown to the shore or are hovering over the kenku boat.

Several sahaguin surface and attack the ship, but Jezebel steers the ship right into the town crashing it into the wharf. Nefi meanwhile dispatches a sahaguin shaman with a coral horn which had been strengthening or controlling the water elemental. The sea elf from before is fighting that elemental in his humanoid shark form.

Shiel is still fighting the sahaguin on top of ship while Kerrick is hit by a net and dragged down into the waters by several sahaguin. Luckily Nefi dispatches the group surrounding him and drags him back onto a boat.

Nimue blasts the sahaguin leader with a mighty storm causing massive damage adding daggers of lightning on top!

A large sahaguin horde emerges close to the town and storms into the town. Suddenly a troup of elves is countering their advance.

The sahaguin boss finally succumbs to the teleporting and flying people between the boats. Now it's time to save the people on land! The elves complain about their missing leader. So it's time to free her from her marriage with the fake Mantle King.

Apparently she was involved in the excavation of a lost sea elf city until a catastrophe happened. Nobody knows what exactly happened, but a wise old sage involved in water magics might be of help….Semprey again. The plot thickens!

When asked for a scout to help find the way, the elves refer the group to Horace Nod, the sea elf wereshark they've met before.

Dalelands , Session 60

Selune and Corellon are also among the priests representing the gods, yet they are not here but in Highmoon. Yet they can be contacted via magical means.

Torm is working with training the new recruits, nobody really knows what Tyr is up to. Some guess he's only there because he's the brother of the war chancellor Essembra. The war chancellor is not that fond of pope because he thinks that she holds too much unchecked power.

Shiel bargains with Selûne and describes Thana as a potent force for good. Selûne is taken a bit aback that she has taken the name Talona. She finally agrees to give her help to Thana in the election, but only if the group'd manage  to free her sister, Kara Rynnow, who is to be wed to the fake Mantle King. If she wouldn't be rescued within five days, her vote would go to Helm who she's always known as trustworthy.

She also tells Shiel that her father, Corellon, is too busy with Highmoon's defense and is probably too fond of Helm to be swayed.

Torm talks with Thana. He tells her that he himself trained Helm and Talos who came to him as kids. He's proud of both of them, he also exhibits a fondness of Nefi whose seeming betrayal (trying to take the magical blade of the pope) has been a big blow to him.

War Chancellor Ilmeth's most pressing concern is the dragon the fake Mantle King controls. Nimue's talk with him devolves a bit about a discussion about elves in general because the chancellor does NOT appreciate the family Rynnow who 'has made fun of him' and disrupted his trade for ages. So having their daughter die instead of wedding the fake Mantle King would also be a viable result for him. Also he would like to use the Triskeden merchants from Sembia to secure the area of Harrowdale for his trading connections. But that certainly does not sit well with Nimue who calls on him to be a better man next time.

Thana tells her devils to prepare the ceremony to sacrifice the body of the githyanki captain for Jezebel to inhabit. The soul of the githyanki is strong and Jezebel is actually in danger of dying, but Thana gives the githyanki the Kiss of Death and harvests her soul so Jezebel can wrest control from her. Thana has finally completed her journey into evil however and receives a devil's tail as a sign of it.

Meanwhile Kerrick disguises as Helm and openly colludes with thieves to smear his reputation. He intends to check in about two days for the results of his deception. He also hires a seer to pose as Helm with magical powers and spread the tales of his "misdeeds".

So the group takes off with their flying mounts to get to Harrowdale quickly.

Dalelands, Session 59

Nefi isn't convinced easily to join the group on their way into the Order seems last time she was imprisioned there. Kerrick gets a magical disguise to get her in. Thana confers with Jezebel about her progress in ruining Ilmater. She may even have a new body to anchor the devil to the plane.

Next, she talks to Marbas, another of her devil servants to find the location of Cersos, the fallen deva, now a rakshasa who Thana cast down long ago.

The Inqusitor of the Order has the power to even accuse the pope so getting ahold of that position would be a valuable asset.

To become an Inquisitor Thana has to get the referral of a major god or the the pope who will decide after a tenday if she will be allowed to ascend to that post. Also there will be another candidate, perhaps Helm or Tyr. 

Selnarin the drow seems to have been captured by order guards and seems to be held in the dungeons. Since she is working for the adventurers, it is probably not a good idea to have that connection revealed to the Order.

Thana visits Ilmater's temple where a lot of victims have been infected by a deadly disease. Ilmater complains about his also missing assistant. Thana suggests using a ritual involving voodoo dolls depicting the poor victims. By drawing the disease into the dolls and then burning them she extracts the disease out of the victims who visibly recover. Thana makes fun of Mammon by donating the pilfered gold statue to the temple of Ilmater to aid in its extension.

Kerrick tries to make a buck by betting on fights. He tries to introduce Nefi as a contender against the Red Ronja, the local favorite! Nefi taking out the Ronja leads to another impromptu show fight involving Kerrick and her vs. the guards. 

After the fight which was more of a one sided brawl Tyr ushers out the guards then questions Kerrick about his true purpose here. He admits to knowing the imprisoned dark elf and tries to get her released. Tyr replies that a questioning should reveal the truth in this matter. He also easily unmasks Nefi but Kerrick gets his winnings.

Nimue calls in Shiel to get the drow spy out of prison. Shiel agrees to talk to the pope without revealing the group's connection to the drow. So he demands an audience at noon. 

Shiel visits the pope together with Thana. The pope confirms the capture of the dark elf and hints that she is being tortured. Shiel also tells her about the freeing of the mansion and the rescue of Oghma and the threat of the far realms. Oghma bursts into the hall greeting the pope, closely followed by Ilmater who asks about the drow elf and suggests that the trial should be a matter of the inquisition. 

That would require all gods and a ten day to vote for a new Great Inquisitor. Shiel cautions that the armies which are closing in may arrive in about ten days, so the pope shortens the waiting time to five days. She also puts forth Helm as her candidate while Ilmater suggests Thana. So now it's time to get the votes.

Dalelands, Session 58
And End of Tyranny

The portal really leads into an opulent study. A lone mind flayer greets the party. He says, "Oh, the devil.", referring to Balaam in Thana. "Have you come to learn?" he asks.

Nefi is not sure this is the way Oghma usually behaves. He's not known for sharing his wisdom, yet he's here offering books to the adventurers. He's afraid the thought tyrant might find this place however. Also he's not keen on Shiel having brought the Sword of the Dales here. He's afraid the thought tyrant might consume Hedistrin and become unstoppable.

Oghma also doesn't intend to help out the group since it would require giving up this location, the previous study chamber of the old Mantle King. Thana places a devilish book which begins to tell stories about the thought tyrant, apparently a son of Hadar the all devouring. The thought tyrant intends to someday ursurp his father and control the multiverse.

Nimue reads stories about the Devourer, a demon god who lives deep in the abyssal sea. Even demon princes fear entering his realm.

The thought tyrant had been imprisioned in the abby until his psionic calls had attracted Oghma. When Thana pressures him Oghma admits to freeing the thought tyrant.

Shiel taunts the thought tyrant trying to lure it into Oghma's chambers where the group intends to spring a trap on him. Sadly the tyrant oozes down from the ceiling behind him!

Calling on his psionic powers Shiel slams the thought tyrant into the main room and switches places with him. The disoriented tyrant is forced to enter fully when Oghma collapses the corridor behind it!

Thana summons several legion devils to surround the through tyrant with Kerrick and Shiel. Apart from devastating psychic attacks the thought tyrant is also able to use the eye ray attacks of beholders. The devil henchmen are turned to stone and desintegrated and Shiel closely evades a death ray!

The thought tyrant teleports across the room trying to ambush several targets but that doesn't save it from the adventurers' ferocious attacks. Wounded, it teleports to Oghma….who hasn't been idle during all this time. Using his knowledge of the beast's weak points he detonates the thought tyrant's central eye!

The creature collapses, just a fetus of the size of an intellect devourer remains. Nimue traps it in a sea shell she's found on one of Oghma's shelves. The creature's death also empowers Shiel's sword, granting it additional psionic powers!

The group also reclaims the mansion of the Mantle King, it will be a base of operations in this region for the battles to come. Nimue intends to rely on her dark elven spies who she's sent to check out the region and the assassins who she's sent after the fake Mantle King.

Oghma conspires with Talona (Thana)  to decide the fate of the pope of the Order of the Sword, whatever that may be.

Dalelands, Session 57

Leaving the room it seems there's no end to the illusionary pathway. The current one leads the adventurers into a subterran cavern. A ship is anchored in a deep cavern on a sea of rancid water.

A lone githyanki captain seems to be on board but doesn't show any sort of reaction.

When Nimue boards the shop, Odos remarks that it seems to be a vessel made for sailing the astral sea. Suddenly chitinous hulking brutes emerge from the water! They have sharp claws to cleave their enemies apart or grab them in a vice like pincer attack, hook horrors! Apparently they're accompanied by floating brains with beaks and tentacles which the party recognize as grells.

The grells send out psionic lighting bolts blinding Thana and Kerrick. Nefi fails in her attempts to impale the floating brains and crashes to the floor. 

The adventurers manage to hack one of the hook horrors apart. It falls back into the water and seems to be dragged under the surface by beings from below.

Thana, blinded, summons a bearded devil right next to Shiel to help out.

As the battle rages on, Thana uses even more of her blight powers to open a portal to the nine hells and calling forth a few more devilish henchmen .

The rest of the hook horrors and the remaining grell are quickly dispatched by Kerrick and the devils. Their leaders, commander Valatar, is pleased by Thana's praise and asks if she wishes to take possession of the ship. The captain works tirelessly on board of the ship without seemingly taking notice of her surroundings.

Shiel asks Thana about her seeming change of heart to return Chauntea's power and bring plenty back to the realms. Thana evades that topic a bit indicating that there's several sides to plenty.

Shiel insists on freeing the githyanki captain from the mental influence. She asks him if he's the warchief to whom Giventhar, the original sword from whose shards the Sword of the Dales was reforged, belonged.

Shiel answers that he's the new owner of the sword which has accepted him. The githyanki flies into a rage not unlike the reaction of the previous group the adventurers have encountered.

It takes Shiel and most of the devils to wrestle her to the floor and knock her out. Valatar suggests keeping her in a prison in Dis, the second hell. The devils suggest taking the ship with them to refurbish for later usage. They promise to get more information out of the captain.

There's the question whether the githyanki were after Shiel all along to recover the sword or became entrapped here trying to sneak into the mansion of the previous Mantle King who also possessed this blade.

For now the group uses the portal to get out of the cavern. The devils promise to use another portal to send them to Oghma's prison.


Dalelands, Session 56

Hedistrin can't really pinpoint the location of the thought tyrant. She does however detect three sources of psionic energy. The corridor seems endless, probably distorted by the throught tyrant's powers. A horde of  intellect devourers seems to be some distance behind. Kerrick throws a coin to determine the correct way.

Suddenly the corridor drops off and the party arrive on a stairway going down to a door. After opening the doors the group enters a prison complex with five doors. Kerrick opens one of the doors all the walls fade away revealing four githzerai who proclaim that they will "free Master Odos".

The four githzerai leap into attacks which stun the victims. Luckily most of the adventurers have unusual mental fortitude which enables them to shrug off the dazing effects of the attackers' kukris.

Kerrick is struck down by the magical blast of one of the githzerai and rematerializes in one of the cells, dying. Nimue creates mirror images of herself all over the prison. Meanwhile, Thana manages to use the power of Talona to sneak a healing word through the psychic prison door reviving the critically injured Kerrick.

One of the "githzerai" close to Shiel is slain, the corpse revealing a much larger intellect devourer! Tempus the barbarian beheads another githzerai, knocking the occupying intellect devourer off with the head! She declares herself as a servant of Tempus and insists to be named "Nefi" which seems to be her birth name.

The huge intellect devourers fade out and back in but eventually are dispatched by Nefi's and Kerrick's attacks. The brain creatures are eventually smashed into a bloody pulp.

Now Nimue checks out the remaining door which is still locked. It is enforced with psionic energies so Shiel focusses the Sword of the Dales on it to open it. Behind it, a Githzerai is chained to a rack. It is Master Odos. He's come to get rid of Oghma who's also an illithid and a sworn enemy of Odos. He was captured by the thought tyrant and overwhelmed however. Odos was part of the adventuring group who procured the psionic blade for Shraevyn which formed the base of the Sword of the Dales. It used to be a blade named Giventhar and belonged to a Githyanki warlord before it was broken.

Odos cautions that the Githyanki may some day appear to retake the blade. Since they're basically immortal they have a lot of time. Odos agrees to help take care of the thought tyrant but still intends to deal with Oghma once that is done.


Dalelands, Session 55

The group enter the manor of the previous Mantle King. Even Shiel's ritual to bolster the mental fortitude of his compatriots does not seem to be enough to ward them against the mental assault emanating from the castle.

Thana touches one of the walls and feels drawn in but her mind is fortified so she manages to get through the darkness of the entrance. Kerrick and Nimue are not so lucky however and it takes some prodding and a blade barrier to get Nimue out of the gate. Kerrick disappears in the darkness and also Tempus seems to be affected by the mansion's powers. 

She hits a large gong and some githyanki appear who seem to recognize Shiel's sword and accuse him of being a 'thief'. Shiel tries to invoke the sword's power to break the mental hold on Tempus who thinks she's working for the owner of this mansion! He calls on her free spirit and  the honor of her forefathers as she is a barbarian. Tempus doesn't really snap out of it, but seems conflicted enough that she drops her weapons wrestling with her mental control.

Kerrick meanwhile is deeply lost in the psionic field at the entrance. He feels all alone and in his mind he has killed his comrades and everything is hopeless.

The githyanki jump from the wall with acrobatic slashes and psionic fireballs wreaking havoc with the adventurers. Meanwhile, Tempus regains her senses with Thana's guidance.

Meanwhile the Githyanki are jumping down from the wall and are wreaking bloody havoc with acrobatic slashes and psionic fireballs. A barrage of mental assaults stuns several of the adventurers and throws Shiel to the floor.

After the githyanki take several hits, their skulls burst open revealing insidious brain-like parasites: intellect devourers. One of them briefly climbs on Shiel's head trying to take advantage of his predicament. It quickly manages to make him attack Nimue but he wrests back control and tosses the creature to the floor after ripping it off his head. 

After the other intellect devourers are destroyed a monstrosity of eyes and tentacles appears out of the wall on the other end: a thought tyrant! It offers the group an alliance against the pope since she has imprisoned it to further the empowering of the "minor gods". It has managed to control and then capture Oghma who came to investigate this mansion.

Shiel is having none of it however. Having a creature of chaos wreaking havoc in the Dalelands is not acceptable for him. So the thought tyrant retreats, with the party in full pursuit.


Dalelands, Session 54

Thana visits Ilmater in his small hospice. An acolyte lets her in, much to the cleric's dismay. She offers to help the wounded which Ilmater grudingly admits.

thana seeks to a body to summon Jezebel into (which would probably damn the original soul). Even though Jezebel would prefer the young female assistant of the cleric, thana dumps her into the dying old man on one of the stretchers. Hopefully she'll be able to deal with the unwary priest once alone.

Shiel continues practicing a ritual which will enable him to bolster the mental resistances of the group against befuddlement and domination abilities which may be necessary when the group visits the mansion of the Mantle King.

An acolyte of Hermes notifies Thana that there has been a breakin into the pope's quarters. Not only have the thieves made off with an artifact, some of the guards have been killed as well.

Kerrick notices that the quarters of Thana are warded against Pazuzu. So he tells her that he is under the control of Pazuzu and is forced to act on his behalf.  Thana offers to help him even though he also admits to killing the guards, though it hasn't been his intention (which is actually true!).

Nimue is a bit cryptic with her drow contacts who have been scouting around the abandandoned (?) manor of the Mantle King. The group decide to talk to Helm to maybe assist with his inquiry,

At the location of the theft Tyr and helm are examining the wreckage. Not only has "someone" managed to break down one of the doors (one SHOULD have needed a golden key and the pope's permission).

Nimue discusses Ilmeth, the war chancelor and the fate of Tempus with Helm who tells her that as far as he knows, Tempus has tried to betray the order and acquire the warblade.

The group convinces Helm to check out the other locked rooms to see if the artifacts are still there. Helm argues that he'd need the permission for it. At least he opens the chamber from which Kerrick has stolen the raven mask from. Closer inspection of the pedestal (which has been fashioned from skulls) indicates that the artifact may have been used to power the room somehow. It seems to be a shrine to thievery.

Discussing the mansion of the Mantle King reveals that the lost Oghma is a mind flayer, also that the Mantle King's old mansion seems to be surrounded by a moat of water.

Getting ready for the trip Nimue corners Kerrick about the Pazuzu business. Kerrick once again tells his story of being mostly under Pazuzu's control.

After moving to the mansion of the Mantle King, the group stands in front of a drawbridge. Calling on the Sword of the Dales, Shiel orders it to be dropped. Someone complies and drops the bridge. As the party notice there's there's a goliath woman on the drawbridge who invites them in…Tempus. Even though she doesn't like that name since it was forced on her by the pope. Even though she seems confused, she still remembers the struggle over the Warblade, and that she was thrown into the dungeon of the Order…..until she was freed by Oghma….which she seems to forget a moment later.

Shiel reinforces the ritual to protect the party's minds…better to be safe than sorry. Looking down into the moat a lot of corpses seem to be drifting in it….mostly the corpses of children. Something very weird and evil is going on here. Resolutely, the heroes walk over the drawbridge and disappear inside…



Dalelands, Session 53

Finally the group reaches the Order of the Sword. It is an huge castle with strong stone walls. Strangely enough there seems to be no signs of the inquisition here. Also the castle seems to be up in arms, probably preparing for the impending advance of the enemy army. The group also notices the flying lion banner of Rondra Morn's family.

Thana watches the portals opening in front of her as if by magic. She has conjured a searing ray of sunlight which follows her causing blistering heat. 

Walking up to the pope of the Order, she proclaims herself as Talona, the goddess of plagues. Which doesn't sit well with a cleric who's assumed the mantle of Ilmater. The person who the group knows as Helm notes this to be a very interesting, but also dangerous choice. Thana hands him the pipe of Helm which the group had acquired only enraging the paladin who's represending the God of Suffering even more.

Rondra pulls back Shiel and warns him to stay away from the spiritual matters. After a demonstration of her power the pope invites Thana to join the Order after she swears she will protect it. She also gets a small chapel for herself.

After that, the pope talks to Shiel. They talk about the two armies threatening both Highmoon and the Order. The pope magically contacts two of the Order's representatives in Highmoon, Selune and Corellon Larethian. They have grim news. The advancing army is committing slaughter especially amongst the elves on the way, that's why a lot of refugees are swarming the city beyond its limits.

The pope also tells Shiel of the previous Mantle King's mansion which is supposed to be cursed. The priest who took the name of Oghma, the previous (dead) god of knowledge has ventured off to search the mansion and find a way to break its curse, but he's been missing for ten days. Nor do people who venture close to the mansion return. According to legend, it may house a way to increase mental strength and only the Mantle King is supposed to be able to break the curse.

Shiel suggests contacting Scott Harikon who is on the way to Ashabenfurt to ask him to move his soldiers there. Ilthond who has received the red mage tower as his reward and apparently used it to extend his influence teleports off to notify him.

Shiel seeks a quiet place to ask Hedistrin in the Sword of the Dales for advice about the curse. Meanwhile, Kerrick gambles with some patrons until he meets 'the seer' who tries to test his mettle in a game. Kerrick is supposed to drink one of two bottles, one of which is supposed to be poisoned. Kerrick doesn't fall for that however since both are obviously poisoned! The seer is amused and gives him a Claw of Pazuzu amulet as a price and agrees working for him. For a sizable part of the earnings however!

Shiel summons Hedistrin from the sword. While she does not remember anything about a curse, she fears there may be forces in the mansion who use mental powers to dominate their victims into not leaving or may be confusing their minds enough so that they never find their way back. She suggests that Shiel prepare a ritual to fortify his and his allies's minds against psychic powers.

Thana summons Jezebel, a female devil who she knows from the absorbed aspect of Balaam. Jezebel seemingly is still miffed that Balaam ditched her for a romance with Chauntea for a few hundred years, but is quickly mollified when Thana offers her the chance to rekindle their relationship. They plot to get rid of the priest who has assumed the name of Ilmater. For that, Jezebel bestows a minor power of suggestion on her to be able to influence Ilmater to make a perhaps critical mistake…

Nimue meanwhile visits the city to be able to buy a magic item. There she learns of War Chancellor Ilmeth who doesn't seem to be too fond of a new Mantle King. He's a duke of Assembra who has inherited the title 16 years ago so she visits his mansion. One of his advisors, a black-skinned man named Ramoth introduces Nimue to the noble. Ilmeth doesn't seem to be too confrontational and even remarks on hearing only good things about Shiel and his compatriots in contrast to the "Mantle King of the East".  One of his people is Tyr, one of the Order.

Ilmeth asks Nimue about her impression about the Order to the Sword. Nimue tells him about the inquisition and that there has been at least one corrupted person in its ranks. Tyr agrees, especially since the high inquisitor is named by the pope herself. By the power of the Warblade, one of the most powerful elven blades from Cormanthyr she has a strong grip on power. The three elven blades were the Artblade (wielded by the highest archmage of Myth Drannor), the Warblade (which belonged to the protector of Myth Drannor) and the Ruler's Blade (which is supposed to be the symbol of the King of Myth Drannor, a sword made seemingly of stone) .

According to legend, all three blades were supposed to be only be able to be drawn by elves, but Ilmeth doesn't believe the pope to be one. Also the black Artblade seems to be wielded now by the fake Mantle King.

Tyr remarks that one of the reasons of mistrust against the pope is the banishment of Tempus who apparently also has been very interested in obtaining the Warblade. Ilmeth and Tyr ask Nimue to keep a watchful eye on the pope and be notified of any suspicious activities. Tempus apparently is a female goliath barbarian from the stonelands and is now being reviled as a traitor to the Order.

Thana intrudes into a meeting of Helm and Torm, and older person of at least 50 years of age who argue about duty and the management of resources. Thana coaxes the location of the piece of the Horn of Plenty here in the abbey, but apparently she has to pass some sort of spiritual challenge to be able to obtain it which may even have been designed by Laothan himself.

Kerrick tries to enter the treasury disguised as a guard but is soon stopped by the distrustful guards. So he as usual has to call on Pazuzu's aid who makes quick work of the poor guards. Breaking the lock he finds one unholy item of Pazuzu's which he quickly pockets.






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